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Milla (ToX2)
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Nia Khera
Age 21
Height 5'6" / 168 cm
Race Human
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
English Voice Actor Minae Noji[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Milla (ミラ Mira?) is the fractured version of the prime Milla Maxwell in Tales of Xillia 2. When her sister, Muzét, becomes the divergence catalyst, she turns into an angry, abrasive woman who treats the alternate Milla with disrespect. The fractured Milla's past is very similar to the prime Milla's.



Milla is the former Maxwell and, unlike what occurred in the prime dimension, acted in concert with Muzét with a stable relationship. Unlike the prime Milla, she and Muzét managed to completely annihilate Exodus. However, there was an event where Milla's life was in danger, and Muzét took the blow that was meant for her. Although she was saved, she was blinded, and as a result, the fractured Milla blames herself for her sister's blindness. Milla relinquishes her name and position as Maxwell after her work is complete and lives with Muzét in Nia Khera. She loses control over the Four Great Spirits, and, as time passes, her spirit power wanes as well.

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Milla Status (ToX2)

Status image in Tales of Xillia 2.

In the story, the fractured Milla is first seen when Ludger Will Kresnik and his friends are ambushed by monsters in the Nia Khera Spiritway. She arrives and quickly defeats the monsters, taking her leave afterward. The group decides to follow her, and when they arrive at her home in Nia Khera, she makes soup for Elle Mel Marta and Rollo. When Muzét enters, she smells the "human" food and scolds Milla for making it, stating that it hurts her. Muzét quickly leaves when the divergence catalyst reacts to Ludger. Afterward, the fractured Milla goes to her shrine, and the group decides to follow.

At the shrine, Milla attacks the group because Leia Rolando answers her GHS, which uses spyrix technology. Alvin smooth-talks her into believing that her sister is possessed by the divergence catalyst and that, with its destruction, she would return to normal. Milla then agrees to aid them and joins them in meeting Muzét at the summit of the Nia Khera Hallowmont, where they find her muttering pleas to the open air. Milla attempts to plead with her sister, but Muzét offers no explanation, and so Milla attacks with a fireball that seals off her sense of smell and hearing. Muzét waves away the flames without trouble and then opens her eyes, revealing the disfiguration that comes from being a divergence catalyst. Milla is appalled and thus in unable to move when Muzét attacks her. Ludger rushes to her defense, and then the party attacks and defeats Muzét.

After her sister is subdued, Milla rushes to her side. Muzét instead attacks to choke the life out of her. Ludger has a choice of either saving Milla or striking down Muzét right there. If Ludger saves her, Muzét manages to knock Ludger's lance out of his hands and has him on the ropes. Milla, crying the entire time, then stabs her from behind with Ludger's weapon. Muzét performs one more attempt at sororicide when Ludger finishes the job. Either way, Milla is forced to watch as her sister fades away. In the moments before her dimension is destroyed, Elle rushes to her aid and inadvertently pulls her into the prime dimension.

There, Milla is forced to confront the true horror of what just happened—that what she thought would save her sister instead killed her and destroyed her entire world. At a loss for what to do, Milla travels with the Ludger's group. She watches as Ludger continues to make his way through fractured dimensions. Her character episodes focus on her cooking, Elle's enjoyment of it, and her competition with Ludger over their culinary skills. Throughout their journey together, Milla grows close to Ludger and Elle.

Milla (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Unfortunately, after their group returns from a fractured dimension with a fractured Rollo in tow, Milla watches as the fractured Rollo disappears after coming into contact. Between the knowledge that the prime and fractured versions of something cannot co-exist and that the prime Milla Maxwell is currently inhibiting the group's efforts to attain the final Waymarker that would let them attain their goal of reaching the Land of Canaan, Milla becomes alternately more subdued and more abrasive, questioning her right to exist and purpose. Despite the discord in her heart, Milla takes part in the assault on the E.S.S. Pelune to save Chancellor Marcia from Exodus. Along the way, Milla comes to realize harsh truths about herself, including the fact that she may have killed Jude's father, Derrick Mathis, as well as Jude himself in her world.

In the end, the group manages to make it to the room where Marcia is being held, only to come across Rideaux Zek Rugievit. There, Rideaux reveals that the Spirius Corporation was founded by the first Kresnik and had knowledge of the arte to summon Maxwell. It involves two dangerous ingredients: a living circuit to channel the mana and a living sacrifice. Rideaux then opens a portal to the dimensional abyss, which Milla falls into though Ludger catches her hand at the last moment. Elle attempts to attack Rideaux, who begins to strike back. Ludger has a choice: to drop Milla in order to save Elle or to continue his attempt to help her. If Ludger drops Milla, she dies with a look of surprised betrayal on her face. If Ludger attempts to save her, however, Milla pleads with him to go help Elle. If Milla’s Episode 2 has been completed, Ludger can again attempt to save her, but Milla only asks for forgiveness and lets go.

As Milla sacrifices herself, she comes face to face with her prime counterpart, who gives her a nod of acknowledgement. Milla has a moment to herself before she fades into the abyss, her life and existence a sacrifice to give the prime Milla Maxwell a physical incarnation in the world. Elle and Ludger are devastated by her death, but Ludger keeps his promise to Milla to protect Elle.

Appearance and Personality[]

As the fractured version of Milla Maxwell, she almost shares the same appearance as her prime self in the prequel with a few differences, most notably with the lack of the green hair lock and a white and black outfit in contrast to the original white and purple outfit.

Milla is rough around the edges, having spent the last fifteen years after completing her mission living in relative safety in Nia Khera alongside her sister. She can be abrasive and a little volatile, but in the end, she cares deeply about those she loves. As she is fully aware that she is not the true Maxwell, Milla lacks Milla Maxwell's otherworldly demeanor and is a little more integrated with humanity, though still noticeably separated. She chafes a little under the reverence that the people of Nia Khera treat her with, as in her heart, she wants people she trusts as equals.

Fighting Style[]

Milla (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Milla wields a traditional sword, and her stats focus on her abilities as an all-around attacker. She can perform quick normal attacks with her sword or trade it for slower but more ranged, energy-based normal attacks with the Magic Stance skill. Her style focuses on an absolute dominion over range. She can fling spirit artes from the back, or she can use her unique Spirit Shift (魔技 Magi?, "Magic Arte") special ability to change those spells into close range elemental attacks. She has access to spirit artes of elements from the four great spirits, but her focus is on fire and wind, as well as lightning and light. She can be played as an offensive spell caster or as a melee attacker. Her magic artes allow for fast elemental damage, compared to spirit artes that requires incantation time but covers wide areas.

Milla excels in aerial combat, exemplified by her many aerial skills that allow for better mobility and damage while in midair. Almost all of her artes have aerial enabled with quick speed to allow combos to be easily performed. Milla's partner skill is Bind (バインド Baindo?). While Milla is the secondary partner, any time the monster targeted by the primary partner is stunned, she will bind them with a magic circle, disabling the target while the former is free to attack. Milla is best utilized against Speed-type monsters who are too fast to dodge.

The main difference between her and Milla Maxwell is that this Milla lacks control over the Four Great Spirits, which means that she can neither summon them in battle nor use any mystic artes without a New Game+ glitch.

Milla Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Rays, she gets a plethora of new artes to individualize her fighting style from her prime self, similarly to Zaveid who also got many new artes to differentiate him from Dezel in the same game. Fractured Milla focuses on mixing her prime self's martial artes with spirit and spirit-shifted artes to perform a variety of kick-based artes, although she does not use any magic.


  • In her artwork, Milla uses the "Balanced Blade", which appears as her default weapon in her crossover appearances.