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Milla Kresnik
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Race Human

Milla Kresnik (ミラ・クルスニク Mira Kurusuniku?) is an unseen, non-playable character properly introduced in Tales of Xillia 2. Her existence is hinted in Tales of Xillia, where she is mistakenly identified as a man and known as "Kresnik the Genesis Sage".


Milla was one of the first Kresniks. She was also the first person who was able to summon Maxwell. The two gradually began to know each other better, and Milla went as far as developing strong feelings toward him. She composed a playful tune, in which part of the lyrics consisted of something along the lines of: "Appear before me or I'll touch your beard". Milla's believed in the peaceful coexistence of humans and spirits. The invention of spyrix technology resulted in Maxwell, Chronos, and Origin forming a test, Origin's Trial, that was meant to measure humanity's worthiness.

To aid humanity in the test, Chronos bestowed upon the Kresnik clan the power of chromatus, and Milla was caught in the middle of the clan's war to pass the Trial. At some point, Maxwell decided to create a land where humans and spirits could live in harmony without the fear of spyrix threatening spirits' existence. He invited Milla and his followers to join him in the new land, but Milla refused, and Maxwell perceived this as betrayal. In reality, Milla could not stand for a land that was meant as a safe haven for a selected few; however, her last name somehow managed to grow a legend on the new land.

During the war, Milla used too much of her power and became a divergence catalyst just before she was about to die, which resulted in her creating the first fractured dimension. The story of this fractured dimension is different from what occurred in the prime dimension, as Maxwell believed in her, and the clan war never took place. Milla was reborn in this world as herself, with no memories of her past and being that dimension's divergence catalyst.

In her dimension, Milla and her children gathered the waymarkers of Canaan; however, the last one, the "Strongest Chromatus Bearer", required the sacrifice of her grandson, Kurt Will Kresnik. This waymarker was brought to Milla by Kurt's fiance, Lalle Lara Travis. When Milla and Lalle asked Chronos to build the bridge to Canaan, he requested "proof" of the pact. Lalle interpreted his words as a requirement for another sacrifice and killed Milla without hesitation before the latter could speak. During her final moments, Milla's memories of the prime dimension returned to her, and she realized that she was living in a "possible world" rather than a "true one", where the Land of Canaan actually existed. She begged Chronos to spare Lalle, and Milla's divergence catalyst core was transferred to Lalle's unborn child.

Appearance and Personality

Milla was a cheerful and curious girl, as well as being a bit mischievous, which is evident by the lyrics she wrote for the Hymn of Proof. She believed that humans and spirits could live together in harmony, a trait that her namesake, Milla Maxwell, shares as well.