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Mimi Baker
Mimi Baker (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 22
Height 157 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Wonder Baker
Weapon Baguette
Japanese Voice Actor Akemi Kanda
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose
Minoru Iwamoto

Mimi Baker (ミミー・ブレッド Mimii Bureddo?, "Mimmy Bread") is a minor supporting character in Tales of Legendia. She serves the role of the "Wonder Baker", an alternative to the more familiar Wonder Chef of previous Tales games, who focus on bread-based recipes.


Mimi came to the Legacy from the Mainland in order to spread the secrets of the art of bread baking. Her family still lives on the Mainland, and are named after types of bread or pastries. Her father's name is Bread Baker (ブレッド・ブレッド?) and owns a bakery called "Bread's Bread".

Senel Coolidge first encounters Mimi shortly after surviving a shipwreck that left him stranded on the Legacy, meeting her on the way to Werites Beacon. She is the one who teaches him about the baking system. Later, she disguises herself as various cameos of Namco franchises, and gives Senel and his companions more recipes to learn. Specific scenes involving her interactions the group depend on which party members are present during each encounter, and if the required party members are not present, she leaves a note in the area to request for them to come at a later time.

Mimi can be fought through a special exhibition match in the Single Division's "Special Battle" at the arena, which is the final and most difficult battle in the arena. She unlocks an ultimate reward for only one character, because once any character defeats her, she can not be fought again during that playthrough.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mimi is 22, though she rarely acts her age. Her outfit consist of a standard white chef's hat on her head, light orange ascot around her neck, white dress, stockings, and cuffs on each of her wrists. She is very childish and often easily offended if the party says the wrong thing to her. She takes great pride in her abilities as a baker, believing she is one of the world's best. She also has a habit of tripping and falling to the ground while attempting to exit.

Fighting Style[]

Mimi's fighting style is very similar to the swordsmanship of Chloe Valens, but instead of using a sword, she uses a French baguette as her weapon. In addition, she uses many altered versions of Chloe's Eres, modified in both name and theme, such as Demon Bread and Bread Rain: Alpha, referencing Chloe's Demon Fang and Sword Rain: Alpha, respectively.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Mimi Baker (TotW-RM3)

Artwork for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

Mimi appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a non-playable character. Mimi has a set of side quests devoted to her that allow players to receive bread-related cooking recipes to use. Similar to her original game, players must find Mimi in dungeons disguised as various objects. At the end of the quest line, the Protagonist and Senel are challenged by Mimi in battle. After defeating Mimi, she will give the protagonist the recipe for Mabo Curry Bread.

After completing her quest line, Mimi can appear as a challenger in the arena.


In the Japanese version of the game, all scenes involving Mimi were fully voiced. Mimi's scenes in the English version of the game are not voiced, leaving her only vocalizations to be during her arena battle.

In the Japanese version, Mimi also has the habit of finishing her sentences with "Pan" (パン?), the Japanese word for Bread. The speech quirk was removed entirely in the English localization.


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