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Minal (ToR).jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

Minal, the City of Roaring Tides (潮騒の街ミナール Shiosai no Machi Minaaru?) is a peaceful port town located on the northeastern portion of Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It is one of the few locations to function as a port, lacking a separate harbor. This is primarily due to Minal's close proximity to the large, inland ocean of Calegia, making the town an ideal location for sea travel.


The town includes an inn, shops, a bar, and a plaza, which leads to the town's library and gym, two locations largely uncommon in other parts of the world. Doctor Curia lives here, along with her assistant, Misha. The two typically treat patients at the town's inn. The Alvan Mountains and a small, unnamed river separate the town from the northern tip of the continent, but the Etoray Bridge makes it possible to access either side of the continent without having to traverse the rugged mountains. A string of unnamed islands trail from Minal's area and somewhat connect with the Balkan sub-continent.


When Veigue Lungberg, Mao, and Eugene Gallardo first arrive in Minal, they bring with them Annie Barrs, who collapsed after fighting them in the Minal Plains. Upon entering, they speak with Misha, who suggests they see Doctor Curia to help with Annie. The Gajuma boy introduces himself as Curia's assistant and instructs the group to wait for her at the inn while he goes to retrieve her. When Curia arrives, she tends to Annie but is shocked when the group leaves her by herself at the inn, not realizing that Annie is not traveling with the group. After a failed attempt at obtaining a boat ride out of the city, the group finds Misha, who informs Veigue that Claire Bennett stopped in the town with some soldiers and was treated by Curia.

The group returns to the inn where Curia is, and Veigue begins inquiring about Claire. However, Curia refuses to tell him anything unless the group first explains the recent events. They do so, and Curia tells them that Claire had but a mere wound that was treated and left them with a message not to board a boat. While the group ponders this, Annie wakens nearby, and Misha goes to her aid only to be shunned by Annie, which causes Misha's Force to grow unstable.

He rushes off, and Curia explains to the group that Misha acquired an unnatural Force during the Dusk of Ladras, and his mother, fearing the power, told him to get away from her. Annie's imitation of the traumatic event triggered the emotion in Misha that fueled his Force's instability. On the outskirts of town, the group manages to overcome a group of Viruses gathered by Misha's Force of Fang, which allows him to control Viruses. After the event, Curia tends to Misha at the inn, and Annie joins the group, unsure of what else to do.