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Mint Adenade
Mint Adenade (ToP)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon (X)
Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
Age 18
Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Weight 93 lbs / 42 kg
Race Human
Weapon Rod
Japanese Voice Actor •Satomi Koorogi
•Junko Iwao
(PSX/GBA/PSP/ToP:TA onward)
English Voice Actor •Mia Bradly (ToP:TA)
•Kira Buckland (ToX2)[1]
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Mint Adenade (ミント・アドネード Minto Adoneedo?, "Mint Adnade") is a protagonist in Tales of Phantasia. Mint is an 18-year-old healer who learned her craft from her mother, Meryl Adenade. Utilizing divine power, she has the ability to cure wounds with spells.


Tales of Phantasia[]

Present Timeline[]

Mint Sprite (ToP SFC)

Captured by Mars Uldole and her pendant stolen, Cress Albane rescues her from prison while shielding her from the fact that Mars has killed her mother. While escaping through the Aqueducts, Cress is felled by a slime monster and Mint takes him to Trinicus D. Morrison's house, where Cress's friend Chester Burklight is. Morrison knew Mint's mother as well as Cress's parents. When Cress is asked about his pendant, similar to Mint's, Cress tells Morrison that it was taken, and Morrison leaves for the Catacombs. Frustrated by the lack of answer, Mint joins Cress and Chester and follows Morrison to the Catacombs, where they arrive just in time to discover the purpose of the pendants. The pendants were used by her, Cress's, and Morrison's ancestors to seal away the Ancient King, Dhaos. Mars uses them to free Dhaos, who kills him for his impudence. Morrison uses divine power to send Mint and Cress to the past to find a way to defeat Dhaos, while Chester takes an enemy blast meant for them.

Past Timeline[]

Mint and Cress find themselves on an empty hill and head to the closest civilization, Belladem Village. From the village chief, they discover that they are 100 years in the past, where a power called magic flourishes. They discover that only magic can defeat Dhaos and decide to head to Euclid in order to find Claus F. Lester, the only human of non-elvish blood to harness magic. Mint and Cress rest at Belladem at night, and Mint is surprised and somewhat flustered when it takes Cress a bit of time to realize why they can not share a bed. During the night, Mint checks on Cress and drapes a blanket over him. At Euclid, they meet up with Claus, who takes them to Lone Valley to make a pact with Sylph. Told by Sylph to visit the Great Tree Yggdrasill, they are told by Martel that the tree is dying. Determined to stop the tree's death, which would cause magic to fade, the party decides to find Luna, the strongest Spirit Claus knows of. On the way to Alvanista, the party encounters and befriends Arche Klein, who allows Rhea Scarlet to avenge her killed family and destroyed hometown of Hamel.

On the boat to Alvanista, Mint, along with everyone but Cress, is incapacitated by a night of overeating, so Cress has to deal with Meia, who is under Dhaos's control, by himself. They arrive in Alvanista in time to save the prince from Dhaos's control, though they are thrown in prison afterward. Upon explaining the situation to the king with the aid of Lundgrom, Alvanista's Court Magic User, the party receives a pass to the Morlia Mineshaft, where Luna's pact ring is to be found. The party then traverses the world, making pacts with Undine, Efreet, and Gnome. With the help of the four Spirits Claus made a pact with, they encounter and befriend Maxwell, gaining access to the treasure room, only to find that the pact rings are broken. Traversing to the Elf Colony in Ymir Forest, they learn about the Elves and their isolationist stance, as well as getting the rings fixed. Upon returning to Midgards, the party makes a pact with Luna.

Mint Adenade (ToP-TA)

The party returns to Midgards where Reisen shows them the Magitech Lab. Arche begins to question Dhaos's motives, suggesting that there may be a greater reason behind his actions, but Cress harshly shuts her down, and Mint reprimands him. After returning to Midgards once more after attempting to figure out the reason as to why Dhaos chose to destroy only Hamel, they discover that Dhaos has sent a minion to declare war on the world. To save a child, Edward D. Morrison disappears with Dhaos's minion using time travel. Mint and the party then lead an offensive on Dhaos's army at Valhalla Plains, succeeding in taking out his commander. They return to Midgards, only to find that Dhaos has launched an aerial assault. While Midgards fires the Mana Cannon, Cress disappears in a gate summoned by Valkyrie, causing Mint to faint. Once the force is repelled, the party strikes for Dhaos, who they manage to defeat in a long battle only for him to disappear into time.

Because Dhaos escapes into time, the party needs to make sure that Yggdrasill will survive in the future. Arche's father Bart mentions something about a Spirit who takes the form of a horse, one that watches over life. While sleeping in Alvanista, Mint dreams of a time with her mother, who talks about her earrings, with are in the shape of the Unicorn, the mark of a Healer. She also remembers that it was her mother who gave her the cap she wears. On a boat to Venezia the next day, Mint tells the group that she will seek help from the Unicorn (ユニコーン Yunikoon?), and Cress supports her decision. They discover that the Unicorn is in the White Birch Forest, but when they go and Mint is explaining the situation, Dhaos's minions attack. In the struggle, the Unicorn is gravely injured but sees Mint's pure heart. The Unicorn transforms into the Unicorn Horn staff, which enhances Mint's powers. They return to the Forest of Spirits, where Mint heals Yggdrasill.


Mint Opening

Opening still from Tales of Phantasia.

The party returns to the present through the power of the ancient civilization Thor. There, they return to the Catacombs with Morrison and Chester still battling Dhaos, managing to defeat him this time. With his body lost amid the ruins, the party believes they can rest, only for Harrison to come from the future to call for aid, because Dhaos is wrecking havoc there. The party, with Chester in tow, head for the future.

Future Timeline[]

In the future, in the town of Miguel, the future Toltus, the party rests before going to Euclid, where they find they need the Techbirds in order to reach Alvanista through the air and need the Spirit Volt's help. On the way to Volt's Cave, they meet a ninja, later revealed to Suzu Fujibayashi, in several encounters where the party forces Cress to help her. Upon obtaining Volt's power and subsequently obtaining the Techbirds, they proceed to Alvanista. At Alvanista, the party is tasked with finding the Three Weapons which defeated the three ancient civilizations of Thor, Fenrir, and Odin. Upon claiming the Fire sword, Flamberge, and Ice sword, Vorpal Sword, they return to Treantwood, where the party subdues Origin. Origin creates the Eternal Sword from the two swords and the power of the Diamond pact ring.

The party traverses to Arlee. Surrounded by snow, Cress and Mint have a talk. Mint shows to Cress a unicorn earring that was her mothers, and Cress is reminded of the woman who saved him from his cell. Cress apologizes for not telling her about her mother's death, but Mint instead thanks Cress because she is not sure she could have gone on with that knowledge. Afterward, using the Eternal Sword, they break the time barrier that surround Dhaos's castle. Meeting him one final time, the group defeats him once and for all. Mint uses her power to cast a giant barrier over Yggdrasill so that it would never be so taxed for mana that it would die. Mint says goodbye to Claus, Arche, and Suzu and returns to the present with Cress and Chester. The three then resolve to rebuild Toltus, but first head out to meet with Arche.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon[]

Mint Adenade (ToP-NDX)

Artwork for Narikiri Dungeon X.

Mint plays an important role in this game as one of the Heroes of Eternity who guide central protagonists Mel and Dio on their quest. Several years have passed since the battle with Dhaos, and Mint traverses the world as a renowned healer, much like her mother was. Over time, however, the burden of her inability to heal people's hearts along with their bodies weighs on her, leaving sadness in her eyes. Norn attempts to comfort her by saying that what one person may do is limited, but with others much more can be accomplished. Norn reminds Mint that she has people around her to help her, and that they too suffer when she does. Bolstered by Norn's advice, Mint remembers her mother's words about finding happiness in living for others. Mint gives Mel and Dio the password to the Ancient Ruins, where they can meet Aska, the Spirit of Light. When speaking with Cress, Mel and Dio learn that it was Mint who eventually got Dhaos's story from him as he lay dying.

Afterward, towards the end, as Mint recovers from overexerting herself, Mint tells Cress the words that Norn spoke to her. Cress tells her that she can rely on him, that he will become her strength. He tell her that she is his most precious person, and Mint believes she has found her own happiness, though in blushing she refuses to tell Cress what she means. Dios Bandi uses this scene to mock Mint for what he sees as her naivety. Due to the fact that she loves people and is loved in turn, he wonders how she can worry about anything when she has not felt the chill of loneliness, with no one at her side.

Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage[]

Mint Sprite (TotW-SL)

In order to defeat the Demon King Xex, Claus's descendant, Fulein K. Lester, and his partner, Macaron, bring forth Claus and his allies into the future for help. Mint's Unicorn Staff, found at a temple at Midgards, provides the item needed to bring her to the future. Arche and Chester tease her and Cress about their relationship and proceed to push them together, literally. Bumping into each other, both blush and act angry, though they seem pleased to see each other.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mint Status (ToP PSX)

Status image in Tales of Phantasia (PSX).

Mint Portrait (ToP SFC)

Portrait in Tales of Phantasia (SFC).

Mint wears a white cloak and nurse's hat with purple medical symbols adorned on both. She wears white gloves and boots with gold, plated anklets, as well as a large and similar gold, plated item of jewelry around her neck. She has light skin and long, blond hair, and carries a white staff with a gold orb at the end as her main weapon.

Mint is largely soft-spoken, and possesses a reserved personality, though she also has an innate need to help others. She is gentle and shy, but prepared to perform when it comes to battle.

Fighting Style[]

Mint Cut-in (ToP-NDX)

Cut-in image for Narikiri Dungeon X.

Mint is a quintessential healer. Through the use of her prayer-inspired Divine Power (法術 Houjutsu?, "Law Magic"), all of her spells are of the support type, designed to buff the party or inflict statuses on the enemy. She has weak attack and defense and must be protected but is the only party member who can use artes to heal others, such as the simple First Aid or the group healing arte, Nurse. She can boost the party with the attack-raising Sharpness or lower her enemies' defense with Acid Rain. Although she can deal no actual damage, her Pow Hammer and Pow Pow Hammer can inflict Stun. Her ultimate support arte is Time Stop, which locks her opponents in time and prevents their actions while her allies seize the opportunity to attack defenseless enemies. She is one of the very few player characters to whom the spell is available.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Eternia[]

Mint Cut-in (ToE)

Cut-in image for Tales of Eternia.

In Tales of Eternia, Mint appears as an audience member in the coliseum. A cut-in image of her face also appears when either Keele Zeibel or Meredy cast Resurrection.

Tales of the Abyss[]

Mint Time Stop 1

Cut-in image for Time Stop in Tales of the Abyss.

Mint, under her original name, Mint Adnade, appears as an opponent in the Baticul coliseum along with Philia Felice, Reid Hershel, and Nanaly Fletcher. As the primary healer, she focuses on healing and supporting her allies, very rarely doing anything else. She has access to Pow Hammer, which, unlike her previous appearances, causes damage because it is identical to Tear Grants's version, and she can use First Aid and Resurrection. She opens the battle with Acid Rain, and she supports her allies with Barrier and Sharpness. On harder difficulties, Mint uses stronger healing spells such as Heal and Cure, and she has access to her mystic arte Time Stop. On Mania difficulty, she can even use Revitalize. Due to the nature of FOF Changes, she is able to, within the appropriate circles, use Frozen Hammer, Meditation, Regenerate, Aqua Protection, Blaze Emitter, Healing Wind, and Restore, though none of her spells save Resurrection can create circles.

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Mint appears in Tales of Xillia 2 as the sponsor of the job request Femme Fatales - Part 1. She requests five Prism Lens to be delivered to Sharilton, and when she receives them, she states they are "for a friend who collects lens". She also appears in Xian Du's coliseum as part of the cameo battle, along with Cress from Tales of Phantasia and Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea from Tales of Destiny. When defeated, the cameo group offers to defeat Chronos and rescue Elle Mel Marta, resulting in an alternate ending. In a skit unlocked after the fight, Muzét states that she wants to tether with Mint due to her having so much mana.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2[]

After Cress saves Julio Sven and Caro Orange when they are attacked while meeting Aida and Stella, Mint and he escorts them around Regnia Town. At one point, Mint is in trouble and needs to be rescued. Julio and Caro are able to recruit her to travel with them and also able to take quests from her. Caro can dress as Mint by combining a female Cleric costume with the Star Mace root item.

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3[]

Mint joins Julio and Caro in Mission 13 at the Elven Forest, acting as a sole unit who will heal any friendly units left with her at the end of a turn. She is able to be used as a party member after the completion of the mission. Caro can dress as Mint by combining her Cleric costume with the Star Mace root item.

Tales of VS.[]

Mint Status (ToVS)

Status image in Tales of VS.

Mint Cut-in (ToVS)

Cut-in image for Tales of VS.

Mint appears as a playable character in Tales of VS., where her almost complete lack of offensive moves, and the only non-damaging mystic arte, Time Stop, sets her apart from the rest of the cast. In the story, she journeyed with Cress during a previous Yggdrasil Battle, but disappeared in the process. At the end of the Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel story, she is revived by their wish, and fights them alongside Cress in a friendly test of their skill. As she is only unlocked upon completion of all nine story modes, she is typically one of the last characters to be unlocked by the player.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Side Story: Cress[]

When the word of fire in Dalchia's shelter reaches the church, Mint decides to go and help the children. In Dalchia Woods, she is attacked by monsters but at some point another one arrived and protected her. From the monster Mint learned that he was Mibaru from Dalchia and of Cody Hjuger's underground activities. Some time later, Cress Albane arrives and seeing Mint and Mibaru in his monstrous form jump to a wrong conclusion and intends to slay the fiend, but Mint strangely enough tends to the monster's wounds. From them, Cress and his companions learn the truth about Cody and Mibaru. Due to his wounds, now monster-bodied Mibaru is escorted to Torini Cave were the women tend to his wounds. Suddenly they hear commotion in the village and humans race there and see that monsters have attacked it in great numbers.

Together, the group fights off the monsters to protect the village. In the chaos, Mibaru appears and help defend the village as well. The villagers, in the fervor and ignorance to the truth, slay Mibaru, who dies happy, seeing that the villagers have finally started to work together. Cress arrives at the scene too late, and Mibaru dies in his arms, now back to his former appearance. The villagers, confused at what happened, blame Mibaru's fate on Cress and are ready to use their vision orbs to pass judgment on him. The others try to intervene until Cress tells them that Mibaru only wanted them to be strong enough to protect themselves, and by spitting on his sacrifice, they are truly beyond redemption. The villagers reluctantly decide to own their sin and decide to protect the village in his honor. Cress, Mint, Emil, and Marta say their final farewells to Mibaru at his grave. Afterward, Cress asks Emil and Marta to join them in their journey, saying that he does not want to see repeat of Master Mibaru to happen again, and together with Mint who also decides to join them, the group sets on a journey.



Chibi Mint

Chibi artwork for Tales of Phantasia.


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