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Mirage Palace (蜃気楼の宮殿 Shinkirou no Kyuuden?) is a dungeon in Tales of Legendia. The palace is used by the Ferines as one of their bases of operations. The throne room within the palace can be used to activate the Wings of Light.


Mirage Palace is a large palace that lies on the bow of the Legacy, appearing to have been constructed by the Ferines following their colonization of the Legacy after the fall of Terises. The castle is a ruin from the Terises era, unreachable through the World Map since it is surrounded by tall mountains, deep forests, and the large lake it rests within. Inside the castle are many beings known as "Sentinels" guarding the place and a large labyrinth navigable through the use of teleports. Shirley Fennes is transported here following her awakening as the Merines so that she may raise the Wings of Light for the fulfillment of Nerifes's designs. The palace is accessible solely through the use of the train housed in Werites Beacon's lighthouse, though it appears to have been designed as more of a sprawling fortress complex rather than the "palace" its name suggests, revealing little in the way of leisure or luxury.


Main Quest[]

After Senel Coolidge obtains Sacred Eres from the "Quiet Nerifes", the group travels to Mirage Palace so they can reason with Shirley and stop the Cataclysm. While traveling through the palace, they are attacked by a "Zephyr Lucifer", summoned by two Ferines. After defeating the monster, they head to the throne room and encounter Walter Delques. The group fights Walter and finally defeats him for the first time, thanks to their Sacred Eres. After being defeated, Walter runs back to Shirley's side to protect her. When they arrive in the throne room, Shirley threatens to kill them. Despite her warnings, Senel manages to get close to her and confess to her his feelings for her. Shirley begins to become uncertain of her actions and accidentally breaks her connection with the "Raging Nerifes". After returning Shirley to her senses, Maurits Welnes arrives and reveals the truth of Senel's past to Shirley. After learning the truth, Shirley becomes enraged and summons the Wings of Light. Maurits and Shirley quickly disappear, traveling to the Wings of Light. The group, knowing that their mission is not yet done, returns to Werites Beacon.

Character Quests[]

The group returns to Mirage Palace during the final events of Jay's Character Quest, after Jay and Solon kidnap Shirley in the Ruins of Frozen Light. While Jay and Shirley are inside the palace, the Oresoren manage to launch an attack to save Jay and Shirley. After the two escape from Solon, they reunite with Senel and the others. Senel and the others then decide to return to Mirage Palace so they can save the Oresoren. When the group arrives in the throne room, Solon prepares to kill Quppo and the others, but Jay manages to intervene in time. Solon begins to mock Jay for being weak to his emotions, but Jay tells him he has no more doubts and he will kill him for trying to hurt his family. Solon's hatred causes a black mist to appear and create "Dark Jay" to fight the group. After Solon's defeat, he attempts to harm the Oresoren again, but Jay blocks him and uses his Sacred Eres to kill Solon. The group begins to celebrate, but a mysterious maiden arrives and attacks Grune. The group, fearing for Grune's health, rushes back to Werites Beacon.


  • Mirage Palace is one of three dungeons in he game not accessible from the World Map. Both Mirage Palace and the Wings of Light are connected by the surviving remnants of the ancient tram system. The other location is the Cradle of Time, which can be reached through a portal at the Altar of the Sea.