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Misella (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Age 14
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Race Human
Weapon Blood Sin (Annihilation Flame)
Japanese Voice Actor Yui Ishikawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Misella (ミゼラ Mizera?) is the heroine of Tales of Crestoria. While on the outside she appears to be an innocent girl, she actually admires Kanata and his virtues to the point of growing violent when it comes to anyone threatening Kanata, his wellbeing, and his ideals.


The Wake of Sin

Misella is an orphan who was taken in off the streets by Cody Hjuger and raised in the shelter in Dalchia. Over time, she develops strong feelings for his son, Kanata Hjuger.

Eventually, Cody finds someone who will "adopt" Misella. Aware that she is about to be sold to someone who will abuse her, she requests that she be the last orphan he sell in such a way, but is denied. Kanata overhears the conversation and interrupts, realizing that his father is running a child trafficking operation. To protect Misella, he kills Cody in a fit of rage and is locked in the basement. Feeling that she is responsible, Misella evacuates the other orphans from the shelter and sets it ablaze to give Kanata a chance to escape. Kanata is later blamed for both killing Cody and setting the fire, and is labeled a transgressor.

While the enforcers pursue him, Misella realizes that this is a mistake, and that she must not let Kanata sacrifice himself, wanting to rather run away with him than alone. Then, she hears Kanata scream from afar and sees him surrounded by a ball of blood red lightning in the air, impaled by a spear of dark magic. The spear vanishes as Kanata grips it, and he slowly returns to the ground. Shocked at the dark power she just witnessed, Misella refuses to believe that what she saw did not come from Kanata, and she runs back to Dalchia. Kanata and Vicious return to Dalchia in search of supplies. After stabbing Vicious in the heart in his sleep for being the Great Transgressor and therefore a potential bad influence on Kanata's psyche, she takes Kanata with her to run away, but they are apprehended. Misella announces to the assembled townsfolk that she was responsible for the shelter fire as a means for Kanata to escape with his life. She is then branded with the Stain of Guilt. Nash is present when Misella reveals the truth about who started the fire, and he in turn reveals to her the true cost of her actions. The fire had killed Nash's sister, Nisha. Traumatized at this revelation, Misella tries to apologize, but an enraged Nash demands her to suffer as Nisha had. The other townspeople agree, causing the birth of an Enforcer EX. Heartbroken, Misella seems to accept her punishment until Vicious, unfazed by the stab she gave him, confronts her about it. At that point, Misella reveals hatred for the current system of justice, and that she does not want to leave Kanata all alone.

Vicious gives Misella a chance to unlock her Blood Sin. With her new power, she is able to fight off all the enforcers, including the Enforcer EX. Nash confronts the group afterward, wielding a knife, but cannot bring himself to do more than wail piteously for someone else to kill them. Vicious reminds Nash that he is the one holding the knife, and no one is going to wait forever, but Nash still cannot bring himself to do it. Misella apologizes, saying she is going to live, and leaves with Vicious and Kanata.

Beautiful Pleas Cover the World

During the journey, Misella undergoes a completely drastic change in her feeding habits. Namely, she has been eating grass instead of the meat Kanata catches for her. Vicious correctly guesses it is because Misella is afraid of denying that she killed Nisha, and encourages her to put what happened behind her. Kanata tells her that he wants her to be happy regardless.

Appearance and Personality

Misella has pink eyes and shoulder-length pink hair. Initially, she wears a plain outfit of brown material. Her hair is entwined with a red ribbon, which Kanata decorates with brightblaze. In honor of her "adoption", Cody dresses her in an elegant white dress, a dark purple corset adorned with red jewels, and white ballet shoes. Her Stain of Guilt can be seen on her left hand.

Misella is a strong-willed, domineering girl with a deadpan demeanor. She is devoted to Kanata to the point of obsession, pretending that she is weak and helpless so that he will protect her. However, Nash observes that she is actually stronger than him, and she is known to become sadistic or even murderous if she feels that Kanata and/or his purity is threatened.

Despite her extremities, Misella truly does care about Kanata, and is willing to follow through with whatever he sets his mind on. Her feelings even result in her attempting different methods to advance their relationship little by little, albeit desperately.

Misella's diet consists solely of meat, refusing to eat anything else, even after Aegis tries to get her to try something different. To compensate for the calories, Misella exercises right before eating, which explains her strength.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Primrose Rondo in Tales of Crestoria.

Misella is shown to be a physically strong person despite her age and seemingly frail figure. After she acquires the power of her Blood Sin, an array of glyphs around her left hand called Annihilation Flame (焼滅の炎デッドエンドフレア Shoumetsu no Honoo / "Deddoendofurea"?, "Flame of Annihilation / Dead End Flare")[1], she focuses on fire-elemental and healing artes. After unlocking her Blood Sin's true power, it transforms into the image of a firebird perched on Misella's left hand, which allows her arteset to become stronger.


  • Misella's name is derived from the word "miserable", referring to her status as an orphan.
  • Misella's birthday is on September 6.