Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Minal
Race Gajuma
Occupation Medical Assistant
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuko Satou

Misha (ミーシャ Miisha?) is a supporting character and Doctor Curia's cat-like, Gajuma assistant in Tales of Rebirth.


Meeting in Minal[]

The group first meets Misha when they bring the unconscious Annie Barrs to Minal for help. Misha introduces himself as Curia's assistant and exits to retrieve her, instructing the group to wait for her at the inn. There, Curia treats Annie only to have the group leave her there, which surprises Misha and Curia. Soon afterward, the group encounters Misha in the town plaza. Misha figures the group would have left town by this point, but the group tells him that the port has been closed. Misha explains that the port has been closed for about a week and suggests the group try other harbors.

After informing the group that Annie is doing fine, Misha distinguishes Veigue Lungberg, leaving him and the others bewildered. Misha explains that a female Huma patient was brought to Curia earlier and had mentioned Veigue. Misha and the group return to the inn to speak with Curia about the girl who was treated, which is revealed to be Claire Bennett. After a quick conversation, Annie regains consciousness in a nearby bed and, due to her hatred of Gajuma, yells at Misha not to touch her when he asks about her. This triggers the memory of a traumatic event in Misha's past, as his mother yelled the same words at him a year ago during the Dusk of Ladras, which caused Misha to acquire an unstable Force. After some hesitation, Misha screams and runs out of the room, prompting the group to follow.

Curia explains to the group Misha's past and how she adopted him after his mother abandoned him, citing how poorly he has been treated by others since his Force went berserk. The group resolves to find Misha and manages to spot him in a local field. After a failed attempt at pacifying him, the group pursues Misha to the shore on the outskirts of town, where it is revealed that he possesses the Force of Fang, allowing him to control Viruses. Annie joins the group in defeating the Viruses, and Misha collapses after the fight. Curia rushes to his aid and urges Annie not to approach Misha because of her harmful words. Misha apologizes and thanks Annie for saving him. Curia then assists Misha in returning to town, where she later informs the group that Misha is resting and doing fine.

Crisis in Nolzen[]

The group later encounters Misha in Nolzen, where he is assisting Curia, who has been requested at the behest of the Calegian army. Misha leaves in a rush, but not before informing the group that Curia has opened a temporary clinic at the local inn. He later assists the group and Curia in caring for the injured soldiers who were attacked by Viruses. It is also Misha who informs Annie that a solider is in critical condition. Annie feels uneasy about helping Gajuma soldiers, but she manages to overcome her hostile nature toward them and save the Gajuma soldier's life. After the crisis, Misha encourages Annie to do her best but warns her that he will be her competition in the medical field, a gesture Annie appreciates.

Pacifying the World[]

Misha is later shown at the port in Minal attempting to settle a dispute between Huma and Gajuma residents. He encounters "Claire", who is actually Agarte Lindblum, here and witnesses her end the bickering. Misha is again shown in the center of the town with Curia, both attempting to reason with the townspeople that the recent disputes are doing nothing more than causing harm, which has resulted in Curia and Misha being overwhelmed with the amount of injuries. The group arrives shortly thereafter, only to be greeted by the Calegian army, as soldiers have been dispatched in order to settle the disputes between Huma and Gajuma occurring across the map.

Later, it is Misha who informs Veigue about "Claire" being in Minal just a few days prior to the group's visit, prompting Veigue to search for her. After Veigue's Force becomes unstable the group is forced to subdue him in battle, Veigue wakes to find "Agarte", who is actually Claire, missing and temporarily abandons his search for "Claire" in order to find her. At the edge of town, Misha claims to have seen "Agarte" leave town and head north, presumably to Sulz. Misha is last shown with Curia in Minal when the hatred between Huma and Gajuma begins to dissipate.