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The Misty Mountains (霧の山脈 Kiri no Sanmyaku?) are a dungeon location in Tales of Legendia.


The mountains are located on the southern half of the Legacy, just north of Werites Beacon. The route is the only way to reach the Bandits' Lair from Werites Beacon. As the name of the area suggests, the mountains are covered in a thick mist due to the mist-producing pipes scattered across the location. Most of the dungeon is connected by rope bridges.


Main Quest[]

After the Senel Coolidge is freed from the Werites Beacon prison, he and Will Raynard travel to the Misty Mountains to save Shirley Fennes. When passing through mountains, they encounter a young woman on the bridge above them getting attacked by bandits. The bandits tell her to surrender, but she refuses and cuts the bridge in half with her Demon Fang Eres. The woman lands on the bridge Senel and Will are on and confuse the two of them as Shirley's kidnappers and battles them. Will stops the fight and explains to her that they share the same objective as her. The young woman, who is revealed to be Chloe Valens, is confronted by Will for beating a man in Werites Beacon. Chloe apologizes and tells the two she is heading to save Shirley on her own. Senel tells her to stay out of it, but she refuses. Their conversation is cut short when more bandits arrive and they are forced to retreat. After escaping from the bandits, the two realize that Chloe had gone ahead to the Bandit's Lair and decide to do the same.

Character Quests[]

During the events of Moses Sandor's Character Quest, the party returns to the Misty Mountains to defeat the monster attacking people in Werites Beacon. When the party enters the area, they are attack by a galf, but it is easily defeated by Moses and Giet. The party already concludes that galf is not the source of the attacks and they decide to go further in. While traveling, Csaba Rajk reveals to the party the possibility of Giet becoming wild again. Moses over hears the conversation and tells them that he is not going to let that happen. The party is glad to hear this and decide to move forward to find the monster. At the exit of the mountain, they face the Sphinx roaming the mountains and defeat it. After defeating the monster, it attempts to fly away, but Giet rabidly attacks the monster till it dies. The party is shocked to see this, but decide there may be a chance that they defeated the monster that attacked the civilians and decide to head back to town.