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Mocrado Village, Hidden Village of the North (北の隠れ里モクラド村 Kita no Inresato Mokurado Mura?) is a small village located on the northern tip of Calegia's eastern continent in Tales of Rebirth.



Mocrado Village is an small, isolated settlement hidden within the Osmina Mountain Range. Said to be a place where Halfs live, the village is actually a home to Huma-Gajuma couples who have been ostracized from society. The absence of Halfs is not due to false rumors, however, as Halfs are prone to difficult births and frail bodies, making them susceptible to illness and early mortality. Hilda Rhambling's mother, Naira, lives here.

Role in the Plot[]

The group visits Mocrado Village in search of a fortune-teller mentioned to them by the adventurer Frantz. When they inquire about this to the local residents, an elderly Huma man directs them to Naira, who lives near the village's equipment shop. When the group meets Naira, she confirms Hilda's identity before revealing herself as Hilda's mother. After noticing Hilda's horns, Naira snatches Hilda's cards from her, ripping them apart in the process. The group is surprised, notably Hilda, when Naira then commands the group to leave the village immediately, claiming she does not want to look at some half-breed daughter.

The group leaves and later returns, but their efforts in getting Naira to explain her actions are of little use. They retreat again, inquiring once more about Naira from the local villagers. An elderly Gajuma woman reveals some of Naira's past and how she came to the village before the group decides to visit Naira again. However, they sense a powerful Force nearby, which is revealed to be Tohma of the Four Stars, who has come to kill the group by Zilva Madigan's command. Naira then approaches, shouting Tohma's name, much to his confusion. Naira explains that Tohma killed her husband and kidnapped Hilda while she was still a baby. Hilda is shocked, having believed Tohma's lie about her parents abandoning her. Tohma then proceeds to mock Hilda, to which Naira defends her.

When Tohma attacks Hilda using his Force, Naira leaps in the way, fatally wounding her. During her final moments, Naira apologizes to Hilda for the pain she caused her and gives her a different set of tarot cards to replace the ones she destroyed. After Naira dies, Tohma continues to berate Hilda, prompting her to attack him with her Force. The group then battles with Tohma and defeats him. After the fight, Hilda nearly kills Tohma, but he manages to escape and leave the village. Hilda then experiences an episode of sadness and disbelief as she weeps for her mother. It is later revealed that Naira told Hilda to leave the village in order to avoid a premonition that involved her death.