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Grand Maestro Mohs
Anime Concept Mohs
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Daath
Occupation Grand Maestro of the Order of Lorelei
Japanese Voice Actor Kaneomi Oya

Grand Maestro Mohs (大詠師モース Daieishi Moosu?) is the tertiary antagonist in Tales of the Abyss.


Enemy to the Party[]

The party first meets Mohs when they successfully return to Baticul for the first time. Meanwhile, he is encouraging the king of Kimlasca, Ingobert VI, to wage war with the Malkuth Empire. Caught and revealed to be lying, he is admonished and ceases. However, he resumes his attempts shortly after the fall of Akzeriuth. In order to prevent the party from convincing King Ingobert to stop the war, he reveals that Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear is not the true princess of Kimlasca.

Due to his actions, both Natalia and Luke fon Fabre are marked as traitors to the kingdom and sentenced to death. Mohs is later seen in Daath, conversing with Legretta about the recent absence of Van Grants and war Yulia Jue's Score fortells. He continues to scheme from that point, but is declared a traitor after the Outer Lands are lowered into the Qliphoth. He is arrested and shipped to Daath, but freed by Dist. He later holds the parents of Anise Tatlin hostage, forcing her to bring Ion to Mt. Zaleho to read the Planetary Score. Ion dies due to reading the Score, and Mohs escapes with an army of replicas to bring war as foretold in the Score.


Mohs flees to Baticul and, once more, attempts to convince King Ingobert to initiate war with Malkuth, but Mohs is denied. He then attempts to escape the city using the ferries in Baticul's port. The party catches him and bars his escape; however, Dist appears and rescues him. Before they depart, a desperate Mohs requests that Dist grant him the power of the Fon Master, granting him control over the Seventh Fonon. Dist complies, pointing out that it is Mohs's choice, foreshadowing what is to come. Using a technique he and Jade Curtiss developed, Dist implants the Seventh Fonon in Mohs; however, his body proves incapable of controlling it and mutates. He then flees to meet with the other God-Generals.

Mohs is next seen on Van's replica continent, Eldrant, announcing to the world of the formation of the New Order of Lorelei, and ordaining himself as its Fon Master. His mind begins to reject the Seventh Fonons, weakening his mental abilities. He is later seen at the Absorption Gate when Van is revealed to be alive. When he has Florian read the seventh fonstone, he denies that it predicts destruction, even as Van claims that it truly is the seventh fonstone before fleeing. His final appearance is at the Radiation Gate, where he calls the group traitors to the Score. They defeat him in his mutated form, Gigant Mohs (ギガントモース?), which causes his mutated body to melt and the fonons in it to separate.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mohs is Grand Maestro of the Order of Lorelei, second in rank only to the Fon Master. However, due to the Order being divided among factions, there are those who favor Mohs over Ion, resulting in his influence over the Order. Dedicated to the fulfillment of Yulia's Score, he goes through great lengths to accomplish his goals. He orchestrates a grand plot to fulfill the Score by encouraging heads of state to war, even going so far as to provide false information.