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Morgana Woods
World Desolation
A thick forest with colorful leaves abound. The views may be beautiful, but falling temperatures are slowly killing off the vegetation.

The Morgana Woods, Crimson Sea of Trees (赤き樹海 モルガナの森?) are a massive autumn woodland area in Tales of Berseria. This area connects Perniya Cliffside Path with the village of Aball. Daemons dwell within these woods as a result of the Advent.


Morgana Woods is mostly composed of trees that are perpetually locked in an autumn state. According to the in-game description, this is the result of falling temperatures in the region, which are slowly killing off the vegetation. The woods serves as a junction point for travelers in-between Perniya Cliffside Path and Aball. However, traveling in the woods has become more dangerous and risky after the Advent because of daemons.


Before the Opening, Morgana Woods served as a bustling path for travelers to travel from Aball to Taliesin. However, after the Opening, daemons began to swarm the woods, which forced the inhabitants of Aball to live in isolation.

Three years after the Advent, Velvet Crowe and her group travel to the woods on route to Aball to search for a therion at an earthpulse point. Midway through, she runs into her friend Niko being attacked by a bug daemon. She kills the daemon and saves Niko, but begins to question Niko about why she is still alive after all these years, because Velvet assumed she had killed her during the Advent.

Niko explains that the entire village had survived, much to Velvet's surprise, and she leads the group to Aball to welcome Velvet home. Velvet later returns here to hunt for prickleboars since their original hunting ground in Tranquil Woods has been closed off. It's here that Magilou begins to catch on to the reality of the situation, that all of this is just an illusion set up by Melchior Mayvin to trap Velvet, and all of the villagers are just transformed daemons created from Velvet's memories.


  • Morgana Le Fay is an ancient enchantress from the Arthurian legends, where she was portrayed as an antagonist seeking to defeat the legendary King Arthur. The woods are named such because Velvet acts the role of Morgana in her quest to defeat the Shepherd Artorius Collbrande.