Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Eastern Continent

Morle, the Treetop Village, is a small forest village located in the world of Inferia in Tales of Eternia.


Morle is a rural village in the midst of a forest located at the summit of a large tree. Through its roots, walkers can hike to reach higher levels. However, shops can be reached via cable ladders. Morle is surrounded by a lake, so the tree is located on a small island; a boat can take travelers to the shore. The houses are made of wood and covered with leaves. The people here live mainly from the fruits of the forest. They tend to keep away from the backwood, which is considered particularly dangerous, and they encourage guests to stay as long as they want; this is why there are no clocks in the city.


The protagonists visit the village seeking to meet with Professor Mazet, who once taught Keele Zeibel back at the university in Mintche. They find him in a large estate near the top of a hill, Keele recognizing the man almost immediately. Mazet hands the group a device known as an "Orz Earring", used by Craymel Mages to communicate with Craymels. Because they only function when two entities share the same mental wavelength, they cannot initially understand Meredy and her Melnics language. Meredy then remarks that Quickie has disappeared, but she is unable to explain it to the others, so she ventures off on her own. The others follow her into the dangerous backwood. When they return, the group is now able to understand Meredy, and they seek the Greater Craymels. Mazet has an idea that one could be located at Undine Stream, so he sends them there.

Morle Backwoods

The Morle Backwoods are a small forest dungeon located near the village, sharing its name. Like many other dungeons in the game, there is a camp within the forest where the heroes can rest, a particularly helpful feature due to the enemies of the forest being able to poison. Being in direct proximity to Morle, a sign indicates the area, noting that travelers should not enter due to its danger. The forest is heavily darkened by the tops of the trees, with sunshine hardly penetrating through the crowns. There are no fixed paths, but the ways, similarly to Morle, lead over the damp roots of many trees.

The group chases after Meredy in her search for Quickie, venturing into the dangerous forest. Still being unable to communicate with the others, Meredy was unable to inform them that Quickie has gone missing. In the depths of the forest, they find Meredy and Quickie threatened by a large monster, the "Insect Plant". They defeat the enemy, and after the battle, they realize they are suddenly capable of understanding Meredy. On the way out, the group rests, and Meredy informs the others of the dangers concerning the Grand Fall. She presents Keele with a Parasol from her Craymel Cage, which makes it possible for a Greater Craymel to be kept inside it.