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Morrison's Home (モリスン家 Morisun-ie?) is the place in Tales of Phantasia where the Morrison family lives. It is to the south of Toltus and Miguel, as well as next to Volt's Cave in the future.


Morrison's Home is a large, two-story affair that can only be entered from the south, as it is backed by mountains to the north. It does not exist in the past, but it changes very little from the present to the future. The only path to the entrance crosses a small stream, and it is surrounded by verdant greenery.


In the present timeline of Tales of Phantasia, Morrison's Home is where Trinicus D. Morrison lives and can be found early in the story, but the place remains locked. After escaping from the aqueducts, Cress Albane falls unconscious and awakes in this house, having been brought there by Mint Adenade. Cress reunites with his friend Chester Burklight, and Morrison asks Cress what happened to his pendant, only to discover that it had been taken. Morrison then leaves abruptly for the Catacombs, and the three follow. A peddler also runs a small shop there.

The group can visit Morrison's Home in the future, where it is now occupied by Trinicus's grandson, Harold D. Morrison, and his daughter, as well as the traveling artist, Curio. Harold greets the party and tells them about how Trinicus used to talk about them. He regrets that he cannot help them because, though his father and grandfather were great healers, he has neither their power nor their courage. Harold instead opens his home to the party and tells that that, though the future may seem set in stone, part of it can be changed through effort. Another peddler also runs a small shop in this time.