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Motoi Sakuraba

Photograph of Sakuraba.

Motoi Sakuraba (桜庭 統 Sakuraba Motoi?) is the primary music composer for the Tales series.


Sakuraba broke into the music scene as composer and keyboard player of the progressive rock band Deja Vu, which released an album, Baroque in the Future, in 1988. The band later disbanded, and Sakuraba went on to release a solo progressive rock album, Gikyokuonsou, in 1990. During his work as a video game composer, he continued to produce heavily extended arrangements of his compositions. In late 1989, Sakuraba began work as main composer for Wolf Team, a subsidiary of Telenet Japan.

While this team eventually splintered into several others, the professional friendships formed there resulted in a demand for Sakuraba's composing abilities. He has composed music for the Tales series since the first game in the series, Tales of Phantasia. This and other games in the Tales series primarily feature Sakuraba and fellow Wolf Team composer, Shinji Tamura, as composers. The only games in the main series he did not contribute music to are Tales of Legendia, which was composed by Go Shiina, and Tales of Innocence, which was composed by Kaz Nakamura.


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