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Mount Killaraus
Mount Killaraus (ToB).jpg
Game Tales of Berseria
World Desolation
Country Holy Midgand Empire
Region Northgand
The world's largest volcano. It is highly active and filled with an abundance of mineral wealth.

Mount Killaraus, Lifespring Font (大地脈融点 キララウス火山 Daichimyaku Yuuten Kirarausu-kazan?) is an active volcano located in Northgand in Tales of Berseria, and is the largest volcano in Desolation. It is the location where Velvet Crowe awakens the Four Elemental Empyreans from their slumber by offering them the souls of Teresa Linares, Oscar Dragonia, Shigure Rangetsu, and Melchior Mayvin on the Scarlet Night.


Mount Killaraus is located east of Meirchio in the Gaiburk Ice Field, and is a major mining source for a mineral called flamestone. The area around the base of the volcano is filled with hot springs created from the meltdown of surrounding glaciers, and there is a cave network inside that is lit by luminescent crystal formations. Closer to the caldera, the caves start to become filled with flowing magma. The caldera itself can be described as a place where the hot and cold meet, where lava clashes with the surrounding snow on the volcano. According to the townsfolk in Hellawes, Mount Killaraus dominates the Northgand region with its influence. Volcanic ash sometimes mixes with the snow, turning it grey, and the winds carry this mixture southward to Hellawes.


Velvet's group travels to Mount Killaraus in order to awaken the Four Elemental Empyreans and push back Innominat's domain. On the Scarlet Night, they climb the volcano through its cavernous interior, and eventually run into Shigure Rangetsu, who has been waiting for them patiently. Rokurou Rangetsu meets up with his brother and shows him the new Stormquell forged from Kurogane's entire being. Afterward, they agree to fight to see who is the better swordsman one last time. Shigure reveals that unlike other exorcists, his malak Morgrim does not enhance his power, but rather, restricts it for training purposes.

He asks Morgrim to undo his bindings so he can go all out, encouraging the rest of the group to join in the fight to make it more interesting. After a long fight, Rokurou and Shigure go one-on-one, and clash each of their blades against each other. Rokurou then performs a technique he had been practicing to disarm Shigure of Stormhowl with his daggers, leaving him wide open, and in a perfect opportunity to strike, Rokurou unsheathes Stormquell and slashes Shigure through his chest. Dying, Shigure was happy that he had such a good fight, and is proud of his brother's efforts. He asks the group to spare Morgrim, to which they agree, and Velvet devours Shigure's body to claim his soul afterwards.

The group continues to climb the volcano until they reach the summit, where they encounter Melchior Mayvin. Melchior warns that awakening the Empyreans will cause a major shift in the earth, resulting in human civilization collapsing entirely from the chaos, but the group is unfazed by Melchior's words. Following through with his ideals for a perfect world of reason, Melchior armatizes with his malak to become Demi-Melchior, and fights the group head on.

Melchior is eventually defeated when his age failed to keep up with his new power, but determined to still obtain victory, he stalls the group with his illusions and prepares an arte that will make the volcano erupt. Velvet charges forward to stop him, but Melchior prepares for a counter attack. Magilou, anticipating what Melchior is about to do, pulls out her trump card to exploit Melchior's weakness; his love for flowers. She makes a flower appear beneath his feet, causing him to lose his balance and concentration of the arte, and allowing Velvet to devour him directly.

Afterwards, Velvet shoves the souls of the exorcists she's devoured into the volcano's earthpulse point. The Empyreans awaken, and together, each of their domains overpowers Innominat's domain, and force him out of the earthpulse. Innominat heads into outer space to form a new structure above The Empyrean's Throne.