Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Camlann
Race Human
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Hara
English Voice Actor Colleen Clinkenbeard (ToZtX)

Muse (ミューズ Myuzu?) was the younger sister of the previous Shepherd, Michael, and Mikleo's mother in Tales of Zestiria.


Age of Chaos

Muse supported her brother, Michael, who founded the Origin Village of Camlann with the intent of guarding Maotelus, the leader of the Five Lords. For a time, the people there were able to live peaceful lives alongside the seraphim, and Muse gave birth to her son, Mikleo. Soon after, due to Camlann's strategic placement, the then-general of Rolance, Georg Heldalf, forcefully stationed his troops within the village, claiming that they were protecting it from Hyland forces.

The Rolance troops occupied the village for a great period of time, and even stationed themselves at Artorius' Throne, angering Maotelus whom resided there. Muse argued against Heldalf's actions, feeling that the people were being held under house arrest.

Due to Rolance's presence within Camlann, Hyland initiated a raid upon the village. General Heldalf chose to prioritize his men over the lives of Camlann's inhabitants, and withdrew his troops, abandoning the village. Muse ran to Artorius' Throne to pray for help, but became separated from her baby. When Michael arrived, he managed to reach Mikleo, only to find that he had been mortally wounded[1], and that Maotelus had become a hellion. Muse, recognizing her brother's intentions, begged him not to harm her child, but, blinded by rage and despair, Michael killed Mikleo in sacrifice to the corrupted Maotelus and enacted a vengeful curse upon Heldalf, whom had cost him everything.

As a result of his mother's love, Mikleo was reborn as a seraph. Keeping her child close, Muse returned to the village, finding the seraph Zenrus had arrived. Muse informed him that Camlann needed to be sealed off, as Maotelus' malevolence was a threat to the world. Muse noticed the human baby in Zenrus' care, and noted that she had not been aware that his mother, Selene, had been pregnant. Muse resolved to use herself as the seal upon Camlann, and said her farewells to her son before handing him to Zenrus, believing that the two children would grow up to become Shepherd and Sub Lord. Muse took an Oath to never again see her child, sealing Camlann under the tightest of locks.

Role in the Plot

Despite the mystery surrounding her identity, Mikleo feels a connection to Muse when he witnesses her in the iris gems.

Towards the end of the story, Heldalf is able to break Muse's seal and enter Camlann. When Sorey and the others reach the depths of the Mt. Mabinogio Ruins, they find an injured Muse unconscious in one of the chambers. Mikleo, now able to recognize her as his mother, helps Muse sit up as Lailah heals her. Muse, blinded by her oath, is unable to recognize Mikleo. She decides to sacrifice her own life in order to stop the malevolence pouring out from Camlann, believing that the two children from 17 years ago will bring about a world of co-existence between humans and seraphim.

Firm with her answer, Mikleo honors his mother's wish by handing Muse her staff. As Sorey tries to tell Muse who they are, Mikleo stops him and says goodbye, as he believes in her wish and hopes it will come true. Smiling, she thanks him. Using her staff, Muse gives her life and fades away, leaving her staff behind, which is then taken by Mikleo.

Appearance and Personality

Muse from Tales of Zestiria the X.

Muse has long brown hair, which is braided down to her back, with bangs swept to her right. Like her brother and son, she also has lavender eyes. She wears a white dress with black sleeves and a red coat with a ribbon tied around her neck. She also wears long black boots.

Muse shares her brother's ideals for the world, wanting humans and seraphim to live in co-existence. She's shown to have a powerful heart, as she gives her child away to be raised by another for the sake of sealing away Camlann, believing that she will never be reunited with him. She's also extremely kind, sacrificing herself twice for the greater good.


  • In the English localized description for Iris Gem: Fyra, Muse is described as the Shepherd's wife as he founded a village along with his son. In the Japanese version, she is described as a woman who seems to be related to him. The group discovers later that Muse and Michael are siblings, and Mikleo is Muse's son. The Iris Gem descriptions appear to be subjective interpretations of the content rather than decisive statements of fact.
  • Like Michael, Muse has a high resonance, which makes her able to see the seraphim.
  • Both Muse and Mikleo have a gold circlet with an emerald gem on their foreheads.