Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Camlann
Race Human
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Hara
English Voice Actor Colleen Clinkenbeard (ToZtX)

Muse (ミューズ Myuzu?) was the younger sister of the previous Shepherd, Michael, and Mikleo's mother in Tales of Zestiria.


Age of Chaos

Not much is known about Muse and her family except that she had a older brother named Michael, who became a Shepherd and traveled with the seraph Lailah, who became his Prime Lord. At some point, Muse became pregnant and gave birth to a son named Mikleo. When Michael left Lailah and returned to Muse, along with Maotelus, whom he was able to sneak away from the Pendrago Shrinechurch, he founded Camlann. Together, the three of them lived in the village, along with Michael's followers.

As Camlann is a strategical location, the general of the Rolance army at the time, Georg Heldalf offered protection to the village with his troops from Hyland. Personally, Muse was upset and felt she was being on house arrest due to how long the Rolance army stayed in the village. She was also upset at how the troops had stationed themselves at Artorius's Throne, where Maotelus was enshrined. Michael told Muse and the villagers not to worry and vowed to protect them.

However, once Heldalf heard that the Hyland army had invaded Camlann, he decided to abandon the village and ordered his troops to move out. Muse escaped and went to Artorius's Throne to beg for help. Michael went after her and found her lying on the ground, separated from Mikleo. Imploring her brother to save her son from the flames, Michael jumped through and held the child on his arms. However, it was too late; he saw that the child and Maotelus had become hellions. Falling into despair, Michael approached the altar and placed the child. Knowing what her brother planned to do, Muse cried to him, begging him not to do it. However, Michael used him as a sacrifice to curse Heldalf into a life of eternal solitude.

After refashioning her son into a seraph, Muse escaped to where Zenrus was in the fallen village. Wasting no time, Muse explained that Camlann needs to be sealed off due to the malevolence Maotelus was pouring out before it can reach Elysia. Noticing the child Zenrus is holding in the air, Muse realized that the child belongs to Selene, having not known earlier that Selene was pregnant. She offered herself to be the sacrifice to contain Maotelus within Camlann, entrusting the children to Zenrus, who promised to raise the both of them to become a Shepherd and Sub Lord. Muse said a tearful goodbye to her son. After making an oath to seal off Camlann, Muse has been sealing the path for the past 18 years.

Role in the Plot

After searching for iris gems to find out why Heldalf became a hellion, Muse herself has appeared into two gems: one watching her brother writing the Celestial Record, and the other of her looking proud of her brother as he discusses details after founding Camlann with his followers. Although no one knows who she was at the time, Mikleo was very deep in thought whenever he saw her. Toward the end of the story, Heldalf breaks the seal Muse set on the door to Camlann and fends off the soldiers from Hyland from entering.

As the group reaches the depths of the Mt. Mabinogio Ruins, they find a gravely wounded Muse lying unconscious on the ground surrounded by dead Hyland soldiers, including Chancellor Bartlow. For the first time in years, Mikleo is reunited with his mother. However, she does not know who he is. He helps her sit up as Lailah heals her. Opening her eyes, she senses the malevolence and wants to stop it at the cost of her life. She believes that both of the children whom Zenrus has raised will become a Shepherd and his Sub Lord, leading them into a future world in which both seraphim and humans can walk hand in hand.

Firm with her answer, Mikleo honors his mother's wish by handing Muse her staff. As Sorey tries to tell Muse who they are, Mikleo stops him and says goodbye, as he believes in her wish and hopes it will come true. Smiling, she thanks him. Using her staff, Muse gives her life and fades away, leaving her staff behind, which is then taken by Mikleo.

Appearance and Personality

Muse has long brown hair, which is braided down to her back, with bangs swept to her right. Like her brother and son, she also has lavender eyes. She wears a white dress with black sleeves and a red coat with a ribbon tied around her neck. She also wears long black boots. Muse is shown to be a strong woman who also once shared her brother's ideals for the world, wanting humans and seraphim to be together, giving her life in process to achieve this goal. She also proves to be self-sacrificing, as she gave her son away to have a better future.


  • In the English localized description for Iris Gem: Fyra, Muse is described as the Shepherd's wife as he founded a village along with his son. In the Japanese version, she is described as a woman who seems to be related to him. The group discovers later that Muse and Michael are siblings, and Mikleo is Muse's son. The Iris Gem descriptions appear to be subjective interpretations of the content rather than decisive statements of fact.
  • Like Michael, Muse has a high resonance, which makes her able to see the seraphim.
  • Both Muse and Mikleo have a gold circlet with an emerald gem on their foreheads.