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Official artwork depicting Mysticete.

Mysticete, the Mineran's Flying Fortress (機動結晶城サンドリオン Kidou Kesshoujou Sandorion?, "Mobile Quartian Fortress Cendrillon") is a large, whale-like fortress in Tales of Hearts.


During the story, Creed Graphite takes control of Kor Meteor and takes him to the resurrected fortress of Mysticete, having risen from the sea, where Creed and Lithia Spodumene's true bodies are stored. There, both Creed and Lithia return to their bodies, and Creed defeats the group, revealing his plan to free Fluora Spodumene and, as he believes, release the Spiria of the Minerans from Gardenia's core to restore his world, even if it means the destruction of Organica. It is also here that Creed restores the functionality of the dormant mechanoids Chlorseraph and Corundum.


  • The English name is a reference to the systematic name for the Baleen whale. The Japanese name is a reference to the French name for Cinderella, in keeping with the fairy tale theme for location names.