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Nachtigal I. Fenn
Nachtigal I. Fenn (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Fennmont
Age 52
Height 190 cm
Race Human
Occupation King of Rashugal
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Houchuu Ootsuka

Nachtigal I. Fenn (ナハティガル・I・ファン Nahatigaru I Fan?, "Nachtigal I. Fan") is one of the major antagonists of Tales of Xillia. The cruel and power-hungry king of Rashugal, his actions drive much of the early story.



After his father Milan passed without naming an heir, Nachtigal won control over Rashugal after civil war with his older brothers, Rowen J. Ilbert at his side. The loss of his sister, Carrie I. Fenn, during the Battle of Fezebel colored his personal perceptions, causing him to seek out power at all costs. Nachtigal came to believe that all he needed to rule the county is his birthright, and that birthright also gave him the right to use his subjects however he wanted. He is eventually approached by Gilandor Yul Svent, who brought him proof that one of Rashugal's Six Ruling Houses is planning to betray him. Gilland demonstrates spyrix technology, and Nachtigal agrees to support the research, offering his subjects as fodder for experiments that drain their mana and eventually kill them. Nachtigal then proceeds to amass as much political influence as possible, coalescing the power of Rashugal's factions under his banner. As his methods grow more brutal, Rowen eventually leaves his service. Nachtigal eventually abolishes Rashugal's Noble Council, becoming its sole leader.

Tales of Xillia

Nachtigal comes to Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell's attention when taking refuge in Sharilton, explaining to Cline K. Sharil about the human experimentation they discovered in the Laforte Research Center. Cline explains that Nachtigal would have to be the one who authorized it, so Nachtigal becomes Milla's target not only because of his development of spyrixes but also his abuse of his people. He comes to Sharilton to draft its citizens. Armed with the knowledge of his true actions, Cline goes to stop him but ends up kidnapped and experimented on himself, with Rowen joining Jude and Milla's group in saving him. Cline decides to depose Rashugal but ends up assassinated, while Milla, Elize Lutus, and Driselle K. Sharil are arrested and taken to Fort Gandala and Sharilton is invaded by Nachtigal's troops.

Jude and Milla's group eventually confronts Nachtigal within Orda Palace in Fennmont. Nachtigal refuses to leave his path and confronts the group, but he ends up defeated. Wounded but not dead, Nachtigal rages that his death would only mean Auj Oule taking over Rashugal. Knowing that leaving a country leaderless would only lead to turmoil, Rowen offers to help Nachtigal return to the righteous path. On his throne, Nachtigal finally considers accepting when he is, in turn, assassinated by icicles, eventually revealed to be the work of Celsius under Gilland's command. Nachtigal's death leaves Rowen devastated, but he marshals on, taking command of Rashugal in the interim.

Tales of Xillia 2

A fractured version of Nachtigal appears in one of Rowen's character episodes. This Nachtigal never forgot the duty to his people due to the divergence catalyst that is a hair ornament given by his sister. Nachtigal became a good and just king who ruled fairly over Rashugal, with Rowen at his side. He battles with the group over the ornament especially after realizing that the Rowen in front of him is not his Rowen, but he treats it more like a spar. After beating Nachtigal, he poses a question to Rowen about what he would do if Nachtigal ever threatened to destroy Rashugal. Rowen responds that he would do everything he could to kill him. Nachtigal laughs and accept this answer, knowing that this Rowen in front of him is truly Rowen, as his own would have answered the same way. Ludger Will Kresnik destroys the divergence catalyst and the fractured dimension with it, but not without Rowen taking some measure of closure from the events and with a new resolve to never again run away from his duties.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Demon's Lance in Tales of Xillia.

Nachtigal is a tall, imposing man as befitting of a king. He is extremely muscular and always wears armor, while his face shows the scars from battle. He is a cruel despot, believing that his subjects exist only to give him power, and he has no qualms about using them as he wishes. There is some kindness to him, however, though that has been twisted over the years, and a fractured dimension proves just how kind he can be under the right circumstances.

Fighting Style

Nachtigal has a fierce fighting style, specializing in Earth- and Dark-elemental artes. He can attack from melee with strong spear-based strike artes or cast powerful spirit artes from a distance, and he has the ability to close distances easily. His mystic arte is Demon's Lance, turning his spear into a lance of energy to strike down all.


  • Considering that Fennmont is a city caught in perpetual night in Tales of Xillia, as well as the capital of Rashugal, Nachtigal is likely derived from the German word Nacht, meaning "night".