Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Mocrado Village
Race Gajuma
Japanese Voice Actor Kei Hayami

Naira (ナイラ?) is a minor supporting character and Hilda Rhambling's mother in Tales of Rebirth.


Fortune-Teller in Mocrado Village

The group first hears of Naira from Frantz in Nolzen, where they are inquiring about a hidden village of Halfs. After seeing Hilda's tarot cards, Frantz claims to have seen ones bearing a striking resemblance to them during his travels more than some ten years prior. He states they belonged to a fortune-teller who was traveling to Mocrado Village on the other side of the Osmina Mountain Range. This group accepts this information as a lead and decides to go to Mocrado Village in search of answers. Upon finding and entering the village, Hilda draws the "Death" card from her deck, concerning her. When the group inquires about a fortune-teller who came to the village some ten years prior, an elderly Huma man directs them to Naira, who lives near the village's equipment shop.

When the group meets with Naira in her home, she notices Hilda's cards and begins asking Hilda questions, including if she is a Half. Upon authenticating Hilda's identity, Naira reveals she is Hilda's mother. She then asks to take a closer look at Hilda, muttering to herself about a "woman bearing two horns", and suddenly snatches Hilda's cards from her, ripping them apart in the process. The group is surprised, notably Hilda, when Naira then commands the group to leave the village immediately, claiming she does not want to look at some half-breed daughter. Hilda withdraws her sentimentality and claims not to be surprised, seeing as how she had already been abandoned by Naira. She then states that she has always pretended she never had any parents; this way, gradually, her sadness would fade away, and her hatred would diminish. Naria demands the group get out of her sight, to which Hilda replies she would leave even if Naira had not told her to leave. Hilda then storms out of the house, prompting the group to follow.

Secrets Revealed

When the group later returns to Naira's home, their efforts in getting Naira to explain her actions are of little use. The group retreats again, inquiring once more about Naira from the local villagers. An elderly Gajuma woman reveals she had a long talk with Naira once, in which Naira told the woman how she had traveled the country alone in search of her abducted daughter after the death of her husband, Amgil. Unable to locate Hilda, Naira made her way to Mocrado Village and prayed for Hilda's happiness. Naira remained adamantly in the village, fearing that if she ever left, she may miss Hilda coming to see her, as she expected Hilda to one day venture to the village. When the group goes to visit Naira again, they sense a powerful Force nearby, which is revealed to be Tohma of the Four Stars, who has come to kill the group by Zilva Madigan's command.

Naira then approaches, shouting Tohma's name, much to his confusion. Naira explains that Tohma killed her husband and kidnapped Hilda while she was still a baby. Hilda is shocked, having believed Tohma's lie about her parents abandoning her. Tohma then proceeds to mock Hilda, to which Naira defends her. When Tohma attacks Hilda using his Force, Naira leaps in the way, fatally wounding her. During her final moments, Naira apologizes to Hilda for the pain she caused her and gives her a different set of tarot cards to replace the ones she destroyed. After Naira dies, Tohma continues to berate Hilda, prompting her to attack him with her Force. The group then battles with Tohma and defeats him. After the fight, Hilda nearly kills Tohma, but he manages to escape and leave the village. Hilda then experiences an episode of sadness and disbelief as she weeps for her mother.

The group later returns to Naira's home once more, encountering the elderly Gajuma woman from before, who proceeds to give Hilda a letter written by Naira. Hilda reads the letter aloud, which expresses Naira and Amgil's love for Hilda and encourages her to be unashamed of her race. Claire Bennett then notices something on the wall and reads it. The message, which the group speculates that Naira wrote, reveals an omen that mentions a woman bearing two horns and wielding "olden stars" venturing to a desolate village and dying there. Tytree Crowe then draws the correlation of the "olden stars" to Hilda's tarot cards, and Annie Barrs speculates that Naira had predicted her own death through fortune-telling. The group begins to believe that when Naira saw Hilda with her tarot cards, she destroyed them and demanded Hilda leave so that the prophecy would not be fulfilled. Naira instead died in Hilda's place. Hilda then weeps on her knees, pained over Naira's death and the fact that she never had the chance to call her "mother".

Hilda's Trial

Naira is later shown in a series of flashbacks during Hilda's trial by the Sacred Beast Gilione in her shrine, which the group is able to access due to an "Amethyst" left behind by Naira for Hilda. The flashbacks depict Hilda as a sickly newborn, as well as a younger Naira and Amgil, who are gravely worried for Hilda's health. In the flashbacks, Naira speaks of ruins filled with a mysterious power on a lone island, to which Amgil suggests the two venture there in hopes of saving Hilda. Within the shrine, Amgil is depicted fending off Viruses as the two make their way to Gilione's chambers, where the Sacred Beast saves Hilda's life. Another flashback reveals Tohma's pursuit of Naira and Amgil, as well as his killing Amgil and taking Hilda away from Naira, leaving her distraught.