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Nam Cobanda Isle
Game Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Vesperia
World Auldrant (TotA)
Terca Lumireis (ToV)
Country Kimlasca-Lanvaldear (TotA)
Region Radessia (TotA)
Yurzorea (ToV)
Ruler King Ingobert VI (TotA)

Nam Cobanda Isle (ナム孤島 Namuko-tou?, "Namco Island") in Japan, is a hidden but expansive location filled with cameos and references to previous games in the Tales series and other Namco-related franchises. Similar to the Developer's Room and Katz' Village locations of the past, this area commonly involves optional sidequest events that lead to titles and costumes for characters in the party.


Tales of the Abyss

An island run by the Dark Wings. Difficult to access due to its tight security. Fonic technology and artes are a common sight here.

In Tales of the Abyss, this location is hidden within the continent of Radessia, accessible through a cave that opens to the sea near the Meggiora Highlands. This area is blocked with a large whirlpool, and aerial access is prevented by a barrage of fireworks. These obstacles can be bypassed after the Albiore acquires the "Refined Flightstone". A large theater and backstage encompass most of the facility, which is home to the "Black Dream", a circus troupe composed of the Dark Wings members. It is here where Noir reveals she was born on the Isle of Feres but was swept away by the tidal wave from Hod and picked up by a passing ship. York and Urushi joined her when they realized they had a lot in common. She revealed that the Dark Wings did anything to survive, often robbing from the rich to give to the poor. They even adopted orphans who lost their parents in the Hod War and eventually became a family of 459 people.

The official emblem of Nam Cobanda Isle in Tales of Vesperia.

Tales of Vesperia

An island with a unique town located on the edge of the world map. The shade of the forest looks familiar.

In Tales of Vesperia, The Happy Place, Nam Cobanda Isle (嗜好の楽天地 ナム孤島 Shikou no Rakutenchi Namu Kotou?) is presented as a theme park ran by the Kowz and Antlionz. The party can partake in a variety of sidequests and minigames that reward a variety of items and titles. Its actual appearance sets it apart from the various other locations in the game, based on the grounds of a Japanese-themed school. Prizes are bought with chips, which can be purchased with either Gald or Grade.


  • The location's name is a direct reference to Namco Bandai Games.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, a stuffed Tokunaga doll can be found behind the prize counter.
  • The symbol in the centre of the Nam Cobanda Isle emblem is "ナ", the Japanese Katakana for "na".