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Nanaly Fletcher
Nanaly Fletch (ToD2)
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Hometown Hope Town
Age 19
Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Weight 108 lbs / 49 kg
Race Aetherian
Weapon Bow
Japanese Voice Actor •Tomoko Kawakami (2002-2009)
•Yumi Kakazu (2009-present; ToVS onward)
English Voice Actor Lia Sargeant (TotW:RM)[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Nanaly Fletcher (ナナリー・フレッチ Nanarii Furetchi?, "Nanaly Fletch") is a character who hails from the future era of Tales of Destiny 2. She is a strong girl who takes care of orphaned children in her hometown, Hope Town.



Nanaly was born in Hope Town, a small town the Calvalese region, nine years after Stahn Aileron and the other heroes defeated Kronos. She is also a descendant of the surviving Aeth'er race, whose members had been banished to Calvalese following the original defeat of Kronos during the Aeth'er Wars. Having been forced to live in a wasteland, the people of Calvalese soon degenerated into a scornful mindset which persisted until the era of colonization by the Kingdom of Seinegald during the modern era.

From an early age, Nanaly was forced to care for her younger brother, Lou (ルー?), due to the absence of their parents. Unfortunately, when Nanaly was nine-years-old, Lou was struck with an incurable sickness. During the time of his sickness, there were rumors about a holy woman based in the town of Aigrette named Elrane, who was devoted to spreading miracles to the people of this desolate region. Nanaly could have brought Lou to Elrane and have her cure him, but she never wanted to do it, as it would force them to stay in Aigrette, forever indebted to the miracle worker. Nanaly did not like the idea of praying to Elrane's goddess Fortuna, even though life is much better in Aigrette. As a result, Lou died from the sickness. From this point on, Nanaly grew to be a strong girl, taking care of many orphaned children as she did not want them to suffer her brother's fate. She also learned the skills of a hunter and protected the children with it.

Fateful Encounter[]

Ten years after Lou's death, Nanaly grows into an attractive, tough girl. It is at that time when she meets two mysterious strangers in the town who appear out of nowhere. These strangers are people from the past: Loni Dunamis and Judas. Nanaly shelters them in Hope Town, taking care of their daily meals and sometimes getting involved in arguments with Loni, especially when he causes trouble by harassing the town girls, forcing her to bail him out of trouble. Loni often mentions that he and Judas have two friends whom they are separated from, Kyle Dunamis and Reala.

Eventually, Nanaly leaves Hope Town and visits Aigrette. She visits the temple where recently-born babies are given identification numbers after being separated from their parents in order to obtain "true happiness". All this has been in effect ever since the Church of Fortuna started to gain greater popularity than the Church of Atamoni. However, this does not surprise Nanaly, already aware of this process, although she does not like it. This temple is also at this place that she meets both Kyle and Reala. Telling them that she knows where Loni and Judas are, Nanaly offered to take them to Hope Town.

When they reach Hope Town, Nanaly stops to pacify several young kids who continued to pester Loni and Judas while she was gone. She tells Kyle and the others to go ahead to her house as she visits Lou's grave. Surprisingly, Kyle follows her, and she tells him about her past, detailing how Lou died and how she refused to move to Aigrette. Afterwards, she takes Kyle to her house, where she prepares a meal for the group. When Judas emphasizes the need of the group to return to their timeline, Nanaly tells them about a giant Lens that is being carried to the Holy City of Kalviola. She accompanies the group to lead them to the city. Within the capital, they learn that the lens is not there, instead meeting Fortuna, who reveals Reala's identity. Even so, Reala makes a wish to return to their timeline and Fortuna grants it. Unknown to the group, Nanaly is also dragged through time, arriving at Heidelberg together with the group.

Journey to the Past[]

Nanaly Fletcher (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Although Kyle and the others are concerned about how Nanaly will not be able to return to her timeline, she insists that she should accompany them until they find the lens. To her surprise, even the world of the past, ten years before her time, does not feel so different than before. While resting, Loni carelessly mentions that Reala dragged Kyle into this entire ordeal through time in an attempt to find the hero she desires. Nanaly quickly scolds him and chases after Reala, who runs away after hearing those words. Nanaly catches up with her in the park, consoling her to stay strong and telling her to return to the castle. Reala seems to agree, but by the following morning, Nanaly finds her missing. After informing the others, they ask King Garr Kelvin of Phandaria for any information regarding Reala's whereabouts, but he knows nothing. The team concludes that she must have headed to Straylize Temple to confront Elrane. Garr gives them a decree that lets them enter the Er'ther Army Base Point, in order to obtain a flying ship that can transport them quickly to Straylize Temple.

They arrive in time to rescue Reala from a disastrous encounter with Elrane. However, Elrane escapes from the temple using the Draconis. The party gives chase and crashes into the dragon-like ship. Unfortunately, they are unable to find Elrane and the lens. Although they manage to escape from the Draconis, they discover that the ship is being sucked into a black void. Reala uses her power to transport them to a parallel world. In the parallel world, they find that the people there are acting rather strangely, wearing lens on their foreheads.

As they travel through towns, Nanaly makes use of her hunting skills to get through the uncivilized woods, such as identifying poisonous grasses and how to catch a "Garm" for its blood. Eventually, they learn that in the parallel world, history has been altered so significantly that reality is barely recognizable. Elrane is hailed as a savior, and there is no trace of the heroes of the modern era like Stahn or Garr. They decided to confront Elrane in her throne within the aeropolis of Dycroft. However, they are utterly shocked when Elrane reveals Judas's identity, that he is the traitor of the heroes, Leon Magnus. Elrane uses their shock to her advantage and sends them to their own dream worlds according to their minds.

Nanaly Fletcher (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

In her dream world, Nanaly is sent to Hope Town. To her surprise, Lou is still alive and had never passed way. It is exactly what she wanted to happen, and thus she enjoys her new life there. However, for some reason, she and her brother feel goosebumps whenever they approach the graveyard. She is more than delighted when she meets Kyle, Loni and Reala. But when she shows her fear about the graveyard, Loni becomes upset and drags Nanaly into the graveyard. To her shock, she finds Lou's grave there, but she resists, wanting to believe that her brother is not dead yet. Loni continues to persuade her, as he knows how unrelenting she can be.

Eventually, she is struck with a headache and she learns that everything she had enjoyed was fake. She tearfully bids farewell to Lou, who vanishes into her memories. Realizing her loss all over again, she loses her composure and cries on Loni's shoulder as he comforts her. Nanaly then rejoins the group as they go into Judas's dream world, where they successfully reclaimed their friend, ignoring the fact that he was Leon in the past. Unfortunately, at that point on, there is nothing they can do to stop Elrane, who has attained too much power. To leverage this situation, Reala sends the group to the distant past, during the period of Aeth'er Wars.

During their trip to the distant past, the group becomes involved within the final stages of the Aeth'er Wars, working alongside Harold Berselius and the Er'ther Army leaders, some of whom become the first Swordian Masters: Karell Berselius, Dymlos Timber, Atwight Eks, Laville Clemente, Pierre de Chaltier, Igtenos Minarde, and Marius Raiker. At the end of the conflict, Harold joins the group and they decide to pursue Elrane's hired assassin, Barbatos Goetia, whom they encountered during their journey in that timeline. Reala transports them to an era relatively close to their present time, during the final stages of Stahn's journey within the Aethersphere. They eventually defeat Barbatos permanently, and after Judas uses the power of the last remaining Swordian to destroy the Eye of Atamoni, they are transported back to the present timeline.

Final Battle[]

Although the group believes that their journey is over, they discover that Elrane is attempting to destroy the present timeline from her altered future, which will result in the destruction of the world across all temporal domains. The group returns to Nanaly's timeline and confronts Elrane in the Holy City of Kalviola. After learning of her ambition to revive Fortuna as a deity in complete form, which would destroy the present mankind, the party decides to put an end to her ambitions, by erasing both her and Fortuna from existence itself, even though it confuses Kyle as it would mean erasing Reala in the same process.

When Elrane attempts to leave the audience chamber of her temple, Nanaly and Loni try to stop her, but they are blasted with magic, causing them to faint and stay unconscious until they are transported back to the present timeline. The group proceeds to ask for advice from the surviving Swordian Masters of the present era, King Garr of Phandaria, High Priestess Philia Felice, and Rutee Katrea. After they contacted Rutee, Nanaly accompanies Loni to look around the Dunamis Orphanage as Harold repairs and upgrades the group's airship for the upcoming battle in Elrane's prophesied God's Egg. As predicted, the God's Egg descended on the next day. The group immediately traveled into its extra-dimensional realm and eventually reached Elrane, defeating her for good. Fortuna appears after Elrane's defeat, genuinely perplexed that they intended to fight her when Fortuna's only purpose was to fulfill the wishes of mankind.

However, Fortuna could only exist through faith, and Kyle and the others proceed to reject her existence. After a harsh battle, they successfully overpower the goddess, leaving Kyle with no choice but to fulfill his duty to eliminate Fortuna from reality, at the cost of Reala's life. As Fortuna is defeated, history begins to repair itself, as if Fortuna, Elrane, and Reala never existed at all. This resets even the memories of the group, as if they never met and started their journey. As Nanaly is about to disappear, she tells Kyle to be strong, so he does not become the laughing stock of the Dunamis Orphanage children, allowing him to become the pillar of everyone's support. As she knows that she already exists during Kyle's timeline, she promises that she would bid farewell, instead insisting they meet again.

New Future[]

After Kyle and Loni depart for a new adventure in the restored timeline, it is possible for them to travel to Hope Town, finding the nine-year-old Nanaly with her sick brother, Lou. After begging for their help, Kyle and Loni agree to help her, venturing through Aigrette and Fitzgald in order to obtain the cure for Lou, along with Philia's aid. They eventually succeed and bring the cure to Nanaly. With the cure, Lou gradually becomes better and is eventually cured completely. Thus a new life with her brother begins for Nanaly.

Appearance and Personality[]

Nanaly Status (ToD2)

Status image in Tales of Destiny 2.

Nanaly is a woman of moderate height with violet eyes and long, magenta-colored hair kept wildly in extended pigtails. Her attire is adventurous, consisting of a uniquely-formed breastplate, yellow gloves, and a long, pale-yellow cape fashioned as a skirt. She wears white, heeled boots that extend just above her knees and end in a flowered pattern. Her cape-skirt is held together with a brown belt that travels from a large blue orb in the center. Underneath, she wears a small pair of black shorts matching the other black accents of her outfit, as well as carries her quiver at the back of her waist.

Nanaly possesses many skills required of a skilled archer, sometimes carrying a rough attitude that others mistake as un-feminine. On the contrary, Nanaly has a tender personality that reflects in her sensitivity and mother-like qualities. She is particularly sensitive regarding women's feelings but can sometimes misunderstand the situation. One example of this is when Loni tells Kyle about the growing breasts of the "sheep" in the Dunamis Orphanage. Nanaly mistakes Loni's words as literal, not realizing that he only thinks of women in terms of their beauty—in this case, their cleavage.

Fighting Style[]

Nanaly Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2).

Nanaly Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP).

Nanaly is an expert ranger capable of fighting physically from a safe distance and magically with a rounded repertoire of spells. Although her spells fail to match the power of Reala and Harold's, she is a stronger physical fighter than the other two females of the party. Like Reala and Harold, Nanaly has access to strike artes and magic artes of varying elements, with her focus being the element of Fire. Nanaly is the only character in the game to possess only one mystic arte: Wild Geese. Although it is considered to be a physical attack, it extends from Nanaly's spells and does not involve summons like the other magic-based mystic arte extensions.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Nanaly Wild Geese 1

Cut-in image for Wild Geese in Tales of the Abyss.

Nanaly appears in Tales of the Abyss in the exhibition battle at the Baticul Coliseum, alongside Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia, Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia, and Philia Felice from Tales of Destiny. This marks her first appearance in English media, appearing under the name Nanaly Fletch.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Nanaly Wild Geese 2

Unused cut-in image for Tales of the Abyss.

Nanaly appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as a non-playable character. She is one of the founders of the inn and orphanage in Doplund, along with Rutee. Though gentle, she is tough and does not like to take charity, something Garr tries to do because the orphanage is too much for the inn to get money for.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Nanaly Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Nanaly appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 as a playable character. Nanaly first boards the Van Eltia when she, Kyle, and Reala are looking for someone to go with them to the Lava Cavern. Once the Protagonist agrees they go to the Lava Cavern and find Harold at the end collecting samples, once the mission is complete she and the others take permanent residence on the Van Eltia. Nanaly is seen again when she brings Stahn, Leon, Garr, and Philia aboard the ship.

Tales of VS.[]

Nanaly Status (ToVS)

Status image in Tales of VS.

Nanaly appears in the fighting game and is paired with Harold. She is a female warrior from the knight nation of Hraesvelgr who is entrusted to guard a research facility. Though she has the personality of a strong and spirited person, she finds trouble in showing herself as a more feminine woman. She spends time in really thinking about and helping out in the problems of her accomplices. In order to get her into the team, the player has to fight her and Harold in an extra event in the stories of both Yuri Lowell and Farah Oersted, and Mao and Caius Qualls. The event is located in the northeast section of the map.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Nanaly Cut-in (TotW-RM3)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

Nanaly returns in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a playable character. She joins Ad Libitum along with Harold early in the story.



Chibi Nanaly

Chibi artwork.

  • Nanaly's surname is derived from the process of fletching, which is the aerodynamic stabilization of arrows or darts with materials such as feathers, each piece of which is referred to as a fletch. A fletcher is a person who attaches the fletching. This coincides with Nanaly's archery-based fighting style.
  • Nanaly's hobbies include cooking and sewing clothes.
  • Nanaly is mentioned in a skit in Tales of Graces ƒ. When Asbel Lhant is looking through the marriage proposals on his desk, one of them is from Nanaly, which states that she is nurturing and responsible and that she enjoys caring for orphaned children. Asbel mentions that it sounds like something Cheria Barnes would do.