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Naohs (ナーオス Naaosu?, "Naos") is an independent religious city in Tales of Innocence.


Naohs is a large city located on the southern half of Naraka's supercontinent and is home to a holy cathedral that serves as the core of the world's religious influence. When the group arrives in Naohs, they find that the church has been destroyed by the holy maiden Ange Serena, discovering only later that it was an accident. To the southwest of the city lies Naohs Base (ナーオス基地?, "Naos Base"), a Grigori research laboratory officiated by Regnum, where the group rescues Ange from experimentation. Although it is not explicitly stated, Naohs is more connected to Regnum than any other country and is located within the powerhouse country's territory. Like other major cities, the scenic town rests along the coast for ease of sea travel.


Naohs is a city that was forced to be built due to the Church's influential status in the world. Unlike other major cities in the world, Naohs is not as heavily correlated with country status, instead serving as a capital for the Church. Prior to the events of the story, rumors circulated about Ange being a priestess who had the ability to heal incurable illnesses, prompting people from all over the world to visit Naohs in an attempt to meet her. Adventurers eventually took interest, and bandits who mainly targeted pilgrims began attacking the cathedral. Because of the war, all soldiers were away, leaving no one to guard the sacred site. One day, Ange approached the cathedral alone, and the building collapsed shortly afterward, causing all the thieves to flee. It is later revealed that Ange's power as a Reborn caused the destruction of the cathedral.