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Naori Imeris
Naori Imeris (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Race Renan
Occupation Maiden
Japanese Voice Actor Ayako Kawasumi
English Voice Actor Reba Buhr[1]

Naori Imeris (ネウィリ・アイメリス?) is a supporting character from Tales of Arise. She is Shionne Imeris's ancestor, who assumed the role of the Maiden in the Spirit Channeling Ceremony three hundred years ago, performing the opposite to Alphen as the Sovereign.


Three hundred years prior to the beginning of the story, Naori was selected for the role of the Maiden in the Spirit Channeling Ceremony. As much as she did not desire the role in the first place, Naori complied for the prosperity of Rena. During this time, she grew close to Alphen, the Dahnan Sovereign who was thrust into the situation completely against his will. Feeling sympathetic, Naori promised to help Alphen return home.

During the ceremony, however, Naori caught a glimpse of an entity of oblivion that threatened to devour everything. To prevent this, Naori sealed a part of this entity into herself. However, losing the Maiden resulted in the ceremony failing, the Renas Alma being destroyed, and Alphen losing control of his powers. Naori used her powers to contain the rampancy, but Lenegis was already burned to the ground. Knowing Alphen felt responsible for the resulting carnage, Naori placed a sedative mask on him to keep his soul from devouring himself, then played an extreme gamble to send Alphen home as there was a very slim chance that he'd survive even with the use of Renan technology. According to the information terminals in the Forbidden Zone, Naori had her Maiden registration revoked after the incident, and was returned to the Imeris household. Despite the incredible burden that her descendants would bear, knowing that the entity of oblivion still remained, Naori stayed behind and started a family in the hopes that someone would stop the entity before it could devour all life.

Three hundred years later, while traversing the Forbidden Zone, the party come across waves of astral energy that contained strong fragments of Naori's memories, revealing what happened through her eyes during the ceremony.