Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Nation of Sin
Race Human
Occupation Leader of the Nation of Sin
Japanese Voice Actor Masaharu Sato

Naph (ニンファ Ninfa?) is the leader of the Nation of Sin, and is a supporting character in Tales of Crestoria. His election to leader was due to his being the eldest member.


Naph is first seen on a boat, greeting newcomers Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Vicious, Aegis Alver, and Yuna Azetta. He allows everyone except Yuna into the Nation, as Yuna is not a transgressor at this point. When the party is introduced to the Nation, they express that the Nation defied their expectations in their own way. Vicious loudly states his disappointment that the citizens are not tearing each other apart like he imagined it to be, while Aegis is angry that they are living like they forgot their sins.

After running a few errands, the group is invited to a big dinner feast. Only Aegis rejects, having mixed feelings about the situation. When Naph confronts Aegis about this, he tells the former commander that none of the citizens forgot what they have done, they just want to live normal lives. Just because they have sinned does not make them evil. Later that night, Naph confronts Kanata, who cannot sleep. Kanata says that he and Misella can live in peace in the Nation, but wonders if they really should. While they can lead happy lives safe within the Nation's borders, people outside will continue to be condemned. Suddenly, the barrier protecting the Nation shatters, leaving the people to be massacred by an army of enforcers. One of them, a girl named Makina, confesses that she was the one responsible for breaking the barrier before killing Naph in cold blood.

Appearance and Personality

Naph is a bald, old man with grey eye and a long, round beard. He wears a brownish-greenish cloak and carries a walking stick. His Stain of Guilt can be seen on his left ear. Naph can be seen as a mentor of sorts, able to take charge for the Nation while helping fellow transgressors cope with their past crimes.