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Naraka (ToI)

A map of Naraka with its major locations labeled and shaded to denote the current war activity.

Naraka (世界 Sekai?, "The World") is the world in which Tales of Innocence takes place.


Naraka consists of a vast, unnamed supercontinent and a few large islands. Although its territories are not clearly defined, Naraka has five major countries: Regnum, Garam, Ashihara, Galpos, and Tenos. Regnum comprises nearly all of the supercontinent's center, being broken by Garam's territory to the west and undefined territory to the east. Tenos is secluded to the north, while Ashihara and Galpos are restricted to their islands, with Galpos being Regnum territory. The only other defined territory is that belonging to Arca, located on the southeastern tip of the supercontinent. A few of Naraka's independent settlements include Naohs, Grigori Village, Mamut, and Sania Village. Naohs, however, is settled within Regnum's territory and is considered to be an extension of the powerhouse country.

Naraka's climate varies greatly depending on geographical location. Whereas most of the world's supercontinent has a relatively-modest climate, Naraka's northern and southern hemispheres have particularly hot and cold climates, respectively. Tenos occupies this northern cold region, whereas the large island country of Galpos lies in the midst of Naraka's hottest region. Garam is a mountainous region that houses the large and active Kelm Volcano, while Ashihara is a serene island that is currently experiencing a drastic rise in sea level that has already covered one-third of the small country. The only natural disasters mentioned are the typhoons and floods that strike Galpos; however, being in the midst of a world war, famine and homelessness have become more common.


The earthly plane of Naraka was once one with the heavenly domain of Devaloka; however, when they were split, Devaloka required human souls to survive. When Sensus defeated Ratio in an ancient, unnamed war, Asura, commander of the Sensus army, prepared to use the Manifest to reunited the worlds. However, he was betrayed and killed by Inanna, leaving the unification of Naraka and Devaloka unfinished, as Asura stabbed and killed Inanna in return. After these events, Devaloka's population drastically declined until ceasing to exist altogether years later. This led Narakians to believe that Devaloka had been destroyed entirely. Nonetheless, without activity in Devaloka, an imbalance in Naraka began to arise, which led to the weakening of the planet.

One method of resupplying Devaloka's energy derives from the prayers of Narakians. This faith led to the introduction of religion to Naraka, which provided Devaloka with a temporary stability. However, this declined as Narakians slowly forgot that they originated from Devaloka, resulting in a loss of faith. Naraka's primary church system operates based on encouraging people to beg for forgiveness from Devalokians in order to return home. It is later revealed that certain Devalokians banished the evil deities to Naraka and stripped them of their powers, resulting in Narakians becoming mere mortals. When the Reborn begin to arise across the world, a detainment law becomes enacted due to Arca's influence. Although this law is veiled under the guise of the public's safety, the captured Reborn are actually being used as tools for war. At the end of the story, Ruca Milda and his companions use the Manifest to merge Naraka and Devaloka, nullifying the Reborn's powers and lessening the chance of future conflicts.