Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences •Shelter (formerly)
Dalchia (presumed)
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Yukiko Morishita

Nash (ナッシュ Nasshu?) is a major character in Tales of Crestoria. He is a young orphan who bears hidden animosity towards Kanata Hjuger.


Nash and his little sister Nisha (ネイシュ Neishu?) live in Dalchia's shelter run by Cody Hjuger. One day, he is accused of harming the woman who ran the general store, who eventually died from the attack. He caught the true culprit, Gordon, in the act and used his vision orb to send the images to the vision central to condemn him as a transgressor.

Nash is also aware of the shelter's true form as a human trafficking organization. The night Misella is to be sold, Nash reveals the truth to Cody's son, Kanata, unintentionally kickstarting the events that lead to Kanata killing his father and Misella burning down the shelter to save him. Though Misella evacuates the shelter, Nisha returns to get the lucky charm that Nash gave her and dies in the fire. In rage, Nash blames Kanata for her death and lashes out the next time he sees him. Rather than listen to his complaints, Vicious gives him a knife to exact his vengeance in person rather than relying on the enforcers, but Nash storms off, refusing to listen to the Great Transgressor.

Nash is present when Misella reveals the truth about who started the fire, and he in turn reveals to her the true cost of her actions. Shocked at this revelation, Misella tries to apologize, but an enraged Nash demands her to suffer as Nisha had. The other townspeople agree, causing the birth of an Enforcer EX. Heartbroken, Misella seems to accept her punishment until Vicious confronts her about it. At that point, Misella reveals hatred for the current system of justice. Vicious gives Misella a chance to unlock her Blood Sin. Nash confronts her afterward, wielding a knife, but cannot bring himself to do more than wail piteously for someone else to kill them. Vicious reminds Nash that he is the one holding the knife, and no one is going to wait forever, but Nash still cannot bring himself to do it. Misella apologizes, saying she's going to live, and leaves with Vicious and Kanata.

After these events, Nash is approached by two Medagal scientists, Forte and Assid, who with his help intend to use Kanata and Sonia to call forth the goddess Kasque. Nash complies and proceeds with the plan in the town of Yednark where he delivers a "testimony" on Kanata's crimes, which are mostly exaggerations and several concealments of truth. The plan initially works, with a large enforcer manifesting and fusing with the mad Sonia. However, after learning that the twins' real plan was to destroy the town, he admits to Sonia the truth of Kanata's crime and the dark side of her father. Shortly after Kanata's group defeat the defused enforcer, he is the witness to Kasque's descent from the Heavens, much to his surprise.

While Vicious fights the goddess, Kanata entrusts Sonia and Nash to Eleanor Hume before leaving with the other transgressors. Angered at how Forte and Assid lied to him, he rants at how he only wanted Kanata dead. To his surprise, Eleanor asks if he really believes what happened to him was really Kanata's fault, or just what he wants to believe. Finally, she advises the boy to reckon with his beliefs if he harbors guilt over what happened.

Nash leaves to follow Kanata and his friends. During the trek, Nash finds himself wondering why he is doing this. He is quickly captured by soldiers following the orders of Esvanilla, who uses a truesight stone to reveal Nash's innermost thoughts. It is revealed that Nash's hate for Kanata actually stems from pure envy of Kanata's life, and that his crimes had nothing to do with it. Nash tries to deny it, only for Esvanilla to yell back that it really was what Nash thinks as he feeds it to a Graddic Claw, which then charges at Nash. Kanata and the others protect Nash from the monster regardless of what he thinks. The transgressors along with Nash fall into Gasse Cavern as a result of the battle. The boy wakes up in the companionship of Meakyu and Kanata and they all decide to head for the surface.

After they manage to leave the cavern, they come across Esvanilla. With the man still intending to wipe out those who condemn others willy-nilly, Kanata decides to stop him and orders Nash to retreat to safety, much to the boy's aggravation. He comes across Eleanor, Sonia, Misella, and Aegis. During the conversation Nash is shocked to learn that Sonia, who is still mad at Kanata for his crime, wants her brother to live as she has decided to learn more about him as Misella was dead-set on protecting him at all costs. As the battle of Kanata and Esvanilla continued, Misella and Aegis rushes to their friend to help him. Eleanor is once again unable to contain Nash who runs toward the battle as well. After arriving, he heard Kanata's voice in the truesight stone in which he admits that he wants to die, believing it would end his pain of trying to erase his guilt. As Esvanilla in his fused form with a monster was about to deliver a finishing to the transgressor, he steps in the crossfire and receives the blow, gravely injuring him. He calls out Kanata's selfish wishes and says that Kanata's death would solve nothing as he and Sonia would still live with the consequences of the transgressor's crimes. Hearing Nash's words, Kanata resolves to continue living in order to remove vision orb system, the decision allowing his Blood Sin to attain a new, more powerful form. With the help of the rest of transgressor friends, Kanata is able to stop Esvanilla, who shortly after is separated from the King, throws himself off the ledge. In his final moments, Nash asks Sonia last favor: to take his eyes and watch Kanata, like she had decided. The group quickly take his body to Nokana, where a doctor with Rita Mordio's transplants a functional eye to Sonia.

Appearance and Personality

Nash is a young boy with short ginger hair and gray eyes. He wears a brown shirt with its long sleeves rolled up. Like most people, Nash wears his vision orb like a necklace.

Nash has a tendency for mischief, which in some situations tends to work against him, like when he was accused of attacking an elderly woman. He also loves his younger sister Nisha and respects Kanata and Misella. Despite putting on a brave face, Nash pushes his hopes and decisions on others, then blames them with the misfortunes that happen to him. After the events at Dalchia, his external respect to Kanata changes to hatred, which causes him to make impulse decisions that have very negative impact on everything around him.