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Nation of Sin
Game Tales of Crestoria
Ruler Naph

The Nation of Sin (罪の国 Tsumi no Kuni?, "Land of Sin") is a location in Tales of Crestoria. It is located on a large lake in the middle of Shadeveil Forest, Medagal.


The Nation holds a barrier created by a sorcerer named Ivis using uncorrupted mana, as a means to protect transgressors from enforcers. Afterward, Ivis left on a journey.

Years later, several transgressors entered the Nation seeking peaceful refuge. As he was the eldest pilgrim, Naph was somewhat left in charge of the place. During a select time of peace, the Nation welcomed a bizarre animal as one of their own. However, this prosperity would not come to last as an enforcer named Makina destroyed the barrier, leaving the people to be massacred, Naph among them. The only survivors were the animal and four newcomers, Vicious the Great Transgressor, Kanata Hjuger, Misella and Aegis Alver.