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Natz (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Nordopolica
Race Human
Occupation Member of Palestralle
Weapon Sword

Natz (ナッツ?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia. He is first seen as Belius's subordinate and representative.


In the past, Natz travelled alone, seeking an opportunity for fame. He first met with Belius at a night of a full moon. Naive, Natz challenged the "monster" in an attempt to become famous, but Belius quickly knocked him out. When Natz came to, he found himself lying on a bed in the Nordopolica coliseum. When he asked why she spared him, Belius replied that there is no point "making a short life even shorter." Eventually, Natz became Belius's representative, and learned that Belius is actually an Entelexeia, an age-old being responsible for keeping the aer under control.

Natz is first introduced when Brave Vesperia arrive with a letter from Don Whitehorse. After explaining that they need to deliver it directly to Belius, Natz replies that she can only see visitors on the night of the new moon. As it is not a new moon at this point, the party leaves until the next new moon. When they arrive, Natz has them promise to keep what they see in Belius's room a complete secret before Belius urges him to let them pass. Suddenly, the Hunting Blades attack and take over the coliseum. Brave Vesperia is able to hold them off until Belius appears. Injured, Estelle tries to heal her, but ends up making her body go berserk, forcing the party to kill her. With her last breath, Belius tells Natz not to hold it against them as they take her apatheia to the Don.

When Brave Vesperia returns, Natz has taken the role of substitute Duce until an official leader can be voted for. Talking with Yuri Lowell, Natz reveals that whenever he looks at Brave Vesperia, he is reminded of the past Duce, but assures Yuri he has more good memories than bad ones, and he feels that Belius's death freed her from the age-long loneliness she held from outliving her human friends.

When the Adephagos appears, Natz increases the barrier's power to protect the city. However his plan backfires when its minions suddenly attack the city. Luckily, Brave Vesperia arrive in time and defeat the monsters before leaving. When they return, they explain their plan to turn every blastia core into spirits in order to counter the Adephagos, effectively changing the world as they know it. Natz supports their decision and acts as Nordopolica's representative to the change.