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Naya (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Toshimina
Occupation Baker

Naya (ニーナ Niina?, "Nina") is a supporting character Tales of Crestoria. She is Orwin Granberg's wife and Aura's mother.


As a child, Naya had no family and had to survive by selling herbs, nuts, and berries she gathered in the forest. However, it was really rare for her to find buyers. One starry night, while crying over an empty stomach, she met Orwin, the crown prince of Toshimina. From then on, a few nights a week, Orwin would sneak out some food to give to her. He offered her money too, but that was the one thing she refused to accept. Eventually, Naya finally managed to score a win for once and got a job as a baker. She married Orwin, who had recently stepped down from the throne, and the two had a daughter they named Aura.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Naya is actually of a species with the ability to shift to human form. These "Man-Eating Monsters" (人食い?) have an insatiable appetite for living flesh. Unwilling to eat a human since she was in love with one, Naya would frequently run into the forest and hunt monsters instead.

Naya is first seen in the Granberg house with her husband when the party storms in, with a furious Misella beating him to a pulp for leading Kanata Hjuger into a trap. Kanata tries to stop her, but Naya convinces him that this is the only way he will learn. The next day, when the family learns that the party is trying to get into the library to learn more about Kasque, They suggest to try and use Orwin's old connections to get inside in return for slaying a monster that has been devouring people. When Aura threatens to have Orwin thrown out of the house if he refuses to aid the party, Naya support Aura's threat, forcing Orwin to agree to aid the party.

After turning up nothing for two days, Orwin notices undulatus clouds, which appear when the mana is especially active and before the monster appears. When he asks where Naya was before, she simply replies she was working at the bakery, only for Orwin to reveal that he heard she had been seen walking out. Before going to sleep, she asks Orwin to trust her.

That night, Naya walks outside and into an alley. There, the mana surrounds her, and she transforms into a monster before leaving. It is later revealed that she had been trying to protect the city from another of her kind, the true culprit, as well as a pack of monsters flooding the area. After fighting them all off, Aura shows up at the worst possible time, leading the Man-Eating Monster to take her hostage. While in pursuit, Naya explains more of her situation, but Orwin tells her that they will have enough time to talk as a family afterwards. After the party corners the monster, Meakyu bites his hand, releasing the unconscious Aura, allowing the group to finish him off. In a desperate attempt to win in the end, the monster commands his mana to combust. Naya steps in the way and kills him, but is gravely wounded. As she lays dying, Naya reverts back to her human form and asks Orwin to kill her. Since retaining her human form costs a lot of power, Naya does not want to die as a monster. Overwhelmed by grief, Orwin complies and chokes her to death.

Appearance and Personality

Naya is an adult woman with light-brown hair and purple eyes. She wears a pink uniform with a white outer layer. Contrary to most people, Naya believes that one must judge people for themselves, and not second hand gossip or the Vision Central.