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Nephry Osborne
Anime Concept Nephry.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Keterburg
Race Human
Occupation Governor of Keterburg
Japanese Voice Actor Mariko Suzuki

Viscount Nephry Osborne (ネフリー ・オズボーン?, "Nefry Osborne"), birth name Nephry Balfour (ネフリー ・バルフォア?), is the sister of Jade Curtiss and governor of Keterburg in Tales of the Abyss.


Nephry was born in N.D. 1987 in Keterburg. She joined Professor Gelda Nebilim's school in N.D. 1992, along with her brother, Jade, Saphir, and Peony. Around N.D. 1996, she began growing closer to Peony while he was staying in Keterburg, maintaining correspondence with him even when he is forced to return to Grand Chokmah in N.D. 2003. On her twenty-third birthday in N.D. 2010, Nephry learned from Yulia Jue's Score that she would marry another man, and ended her relationship with Peony that year. The man mentioned turned out to be a viscount named Osborne (オズボーン?).

Despite playing a minor role in the story as a whole, Nephry reveals a great deal of Jade's backstory, as well as the details of his relationship with his former friend, Dist. According to her, Jade began fomicry at the age of nine when he created a replica of her favorite doll, which had broken. The experience of fomicry in action she experienced later on had a traumatic effect on the young Nephry, as evidenced when she later remarks to Luke that she "felt something abnormal in his way of thinking," also referring to Jade as "a devil" and that he enjoyed using fonic artes to kill even non-hostile monsters. Prior to the beginning events in Keterburg, Nephry and Jade had not spoken since her wedding. She also fears that Jade wishes to resurrect Gelda Nebilim.

Appearance and Personality

Nephry wears a professional-appealing black and white outfit with a brown belt and reading glasses. She has very light brown hair, nearly blond, which part of it she wears up in a bun, allowing the rest to fall down. Nephry comes across very serious, but cares deeply for her childhood friends. Though she seems content with the fact that she married because of the Score's influence, her love for Peony never truly ended, and it has been revealed that Peony still holds feelings for her as well.