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The Nerifes Cannon firing during the opening theme of Tales of Legendia.

The Nerifes Cannon is the Legacy's main cannon that serves as an important plot device in the Main Quest of Tales of Legendia.


The group first hears about the Nerifes Cannon from Maurits Welnes at the exit of the Forest of No Return after the Bridge rises from his hidden location. Maurits explains at his hermitage that the cannon was once used as weapon by inhabitants of the Kingdom of Terises as a method of protecting the Legacy from invaders. According to the records that belongs to the Ferines, each time the Nerifes Cannon was used, countless Ferines were sacrificed in order to power the weapon, thus it was sealed and keep hidden alongside the Bridge. Vaclav Bolud intends to take control of the cannon in order to use its power against the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria, the Crusand Empire's rival. The only way for Orerines to use the cannon is through the Bridge aboard the Legacy.

Vaclav uses Shirley Fennes and Stella Telmes to raise the structure from its previously hidden location by releasing a seal at the deepest parts of the Ruins of Frozen Light and activating the control room. Using both Shirley and Stella as a energy force to power the weapon, Vaclav is able to harness its power. When Senel Coolidge and his companions arrive on the Bridge, they discover they are too late. Vaclav manages to fire the cannon and destroy Mt. Zeriques, Gadoria's "Holy Mountain", instead of the capital Baltoga. The group then battles Vaclav, but once defeated, he uses a remote to fire the cannon again. When the blast is released, Stella uses her Teriques to block the explosion, dying in the process. In the final chapter of the Main Quest, Maurits reveals that the Nerifes Cannon was not built by the Kingdom of Terises, but by the Orerines ancestors.