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Nia Khera
Nia Khera (ToX) 2.jpg
Game Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
World Rieze Maxia
Country Auj Oule
Region Northern Hemisphere
Ruler King Gaius
A settlement built at the foot of a sacred mountain, whose members revere the spirit Maxwell.

Nia Khera (ニ・アケリア Ni Akeria?), known as Village of Spirits and Sanctum of Maxwell, is a Rieze Maxian village in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 where faith in Maxwell is still strong, as opposed to other parts of the country. As of events of Tales of Xillia 2, Nia Khera sports an Elympion job board despite the village's spiritual beliefs.


Nie Khera is a remote village from which three roads fork at different entrances to the village: the northern exit leads to the Xagut Floodmeadow (ソグド湿道?), the western exit leads to the Nia Khera Spiritway (ニ・アケリア参道?), and the eastern exit leads to the Kijara Seafalls. The village's housing was created with the help of Earth and Wind spirits, allowing the creation of low, circular, brown buildings with ornate designs. Ivar's house is located near the Nia Khera Spiritway exit, although in the fractured dimension F4216, it is the home to Milla. In the southwestern corner of Nia Khera is the Hall of Assembly, where the group can rest for free. Near the exit to the Kijara Seafalls, there is a peddler dealing with all sorts of shopping needs.



Twenty years prior the events of Tales of Xillia, Maxwell created a baby girl named Milla Maxwell with an intention to use her as the bait to rule Exodus out of their hiding in his land and destroy them before they could destroy Rieze Maxia with spyrix technology. At the same time, Maxwell also "reserved" the Four Great Spirits for Milla's use, effectively making it unable for Rieze Maxians to call upon the Four. With the Four's aid, Maxwell raised Milla and the villagers of Nia Khera to believe that the girl was the real Maxwell. Four years later, Ivar was born, and over the years, he became Milla's devoted handmaid and grew overprotective of her. When Milla was six-years-old, she came upon a group of human children with whom she played and who presented her with a glass bead.

Tales of Xillia

Milla and the Four sense large quantities of spirits fading and conclude that the source derives from Fennmont in Rashugal, so they travel there to investigate the matter. Later, when Milla returns with Jude Mathis and Alvin, the three of them walk around the village collecting temporal stones with the four elemental energies sealed within them to use them in the rite of the Four's advent in Milla's Shrine, as Ivar went missing after he decided to look for Milla. After an unsuccessful attempt at resummoning the Four, Milla, Jude, and Alvin return to the village where one of the elders pays Alvin for his service of protecting Lord Maxwell, and soon after, he leaves. A moment later, Ivar arrives asking Milla to join her in her mission, but she reminds him of his duty to the people of Nia Khera, and with Jude, the two head to Fennmont.

Nia Khera as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

Later, when Milla returns to the village, she is reunited with the two children with whom she played in her childhood, now adults. Milla suggests going to her shrine to speak with the two, but on the Spiritway, the two reveal they are actually members of Exodus. As she is surrounded during the surprise attack, Alvin comes to Milla's rescue, and the two defeat the assailants. Meanwhile, Ivar shows Jude and Leia Rolando his house and plans to prepare tea for them to show his superiority over them. While Ivar is out, Milla and Alvin return, and the four leave. As Ivar returns, he noticed Jude's absence and curses his name.

After the E.S.S. Zenethra sinks to the bottom of the sea after Milla's sacrifice, much to Jude's horror, Muzét kills the elders of Nia Khera due to their knowledge of the schism. In the Spirit Realm, amnesiac Milla and the Four enter its Nia Khera. Gnome performs an arte that hides Milla in the ground as Muzét comes to greet them. She explains the sudden influx of the village's residents were people who knew about the schism and had to be eliminated because of it. She also reminds the Four about real Lord Maxwell's wishes: that they must undergo the reincarnation process, as they also know about the schism. Muzét leaves them, and Gnome releases Milla from her hiding. The Four then depart for the Hallowmont but are soon reunited with Milla on the Spiritway.

When the group travels through the Temporal Crossroads, they find their way back to Nia Khera, where Milla learns about the fate that befell the village elders. One of the elder men who survived also reveals that, at the bottom of the Hallowmont, a letter addressed to "Al" was found, Alvin quickly realizing the letter is for him. After reading its contents, Alvin suddenly departs for the Hallowmont and is followed by the others.

Tales of Xillia 2

In the fractured dimension F4216, Milla saves Ludger Will Kresnik, Jude, Leia, and Elize Lutus from the monster ambush at the Spiritway and shortly after she returns to the village alone. When Ludger and his friends enter Nia Khera, they reunite with Alvin, Rowen J. Ilbert, Elle Mel Marta, and Julius Will Kresnik. As Ludger is about to confront Julius regarding his actions, Vera calls and informs him about a waymarker, which, in case it exists in their fractured dimension, needs to be recovered. Julius interrupts Vera by ending the call and demands Ludger's pocket watch. Out of frustration, Ludger throws his pocket watch on the ground, and as Julius reaches for it, Elle grabs it, claiming that her and her father's watches fused. This perks Julius, who muses she might be "the one". Milla then arrives and requests them to continue their argument elsewhere. As she passes by Rollo, she hears his rumbling belly and offers to cook him food. The two depart for her house and are followed by the others.


  • The name "Nia Khera" is based on the Pakistani town of Akerianwala.
  • In Tales of Xillia, when Milla is the party leader, the villagers will bow down before her.