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Niata (TotW-RM2)
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Niata (ニアタ?) is a character in the Radiant Mythology series.


Radiant Mythology[]

The Niata are the beings met if the Protagonist chooses a specific mission quest. The Niata are met in the Orphic Maze and speak to the Protagonist using Raine Sage as a "Vessel". They explain that the World Tree is a product of the seeds they sow in the Universe, which in turn produces more Seeds, and therefore more worlds. They are what makes up the mana in the worlds, though the beings met in the Orphic Maze explain that the mana they originally guarded on their world ran dry, and that they aren't fit to produce any more because of the inactivity of their Descender.

Radiant Mythology 2[]

Niata appears in a actual physical form in Radiant Mythology 2. Niata is met during the halfway point of the game when the Protagonist along with Raine and Kanonno Earhart go to the tower in the middle of the ocean. Niata is the one who reveals to the party that Kanonno is in fact a reincarnation of Pasca Kanonno. After this, Niata becomes unresponsive and shuts down, and the Protagonist is then forced to go through a number of story missions in a attempt to revive him. When the Protagonist, Kanonno, and Guy Cecil go back to the tower they are required to activate all the computers in the tower to revive him.

After being revive Niata takes his physical form as small object and heads to Van Eltia. Niata notices that Kanonno's mana is beginning to deplete causing her to fade away and Niata goes with her to the ships infirmary. Niata goes to the shrine with the Protagonist and Veigue Lungberg to place the second antenna at the area's deepest level. The Protagonist is attacked by a swarm of negative monsters. After defeating the monsters and placing the device, the Protagonist leaves, but Niata stops and spots Pasca Kanonno in the water.

Niata speaks to her for a short while and returns to the player. During the final events in the Negative Nest, Niata follows the player around like Mormo did in the original Radiant Mythology. After defeating the final form of Goede, when Kanonno tries to stop the Protagonist to go after the negative energy knowing she will never see him again, but Niata is the one who persuades her to let the Protagonist go. Niata decides to return to his resting place at the end of the game. Kanonno and Paneer bid farewell to him and he leaves.