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Ninja Village
Ninja Village (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Alvanista
Region Alvanistan Continent

Ninja Village is a hidden town in Tales of Phantasia. It is the hometown of the protagonist Suzu Fujibayashi, as well as the future incarnation of Mizuho in Tales of Symphonia. It is also the hometown of Suzu's relatives: Ranzo Fujibayashi, her grandfather; Dozo Fujibayashi, her father; and Okiyo Fujibayashi, her mother.


Ninja Village is hidden within the forest of Treantwood, thus belonging to the territory of the Kingdom of Alvanista. The nearby elves of the Elf Colony are the closest neighbors to the Japanese-themed village, whose inhabitants practice the ninja way and prefer to operate like spies, but they also maintain their own fields, two notable products being tea and miso. As per the code of the ninja, those who train here are engineered into a way of thinking that encourages them to conceal their emotions. Family relations can also be strict, with one family member's actions reflecting the whole.

During the events of the story, the protagonists make their way to the Ninja Village with Suzu's help. There, Ranzo, Suzu's grandfather and the incumbent chief of the village, asks the group to find Suzu's parents, who are operating under Dhaos's influence. When Suzu finds her parents in the Euclid Coliseum, Cress Albane fights the duo, and, regardless of the outcome, both Dozo and Okiyo are slain. Upon returning to the village following these events, Suzu decides to join the group permanently in their quest.