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Anime Concept Noir.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Isle of Feres
Residences Nam Cobanda Isle
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Dark Wings
Japanese Voice Actor Mari Maruta

Noir (ノワール Nowaaru?) is the sassy female leader of the Dark Wings in Tales of the Abyss.


Noir appears to have a firm hold on York and Urushi, and often treats them as her minions or lackeys, giving away her position as the leader of the group. She occasionally even jokes about them being useless and getting rid of them, but when she does this, they tend to act very concerned, and she then reveals she is merely joking. Noir has also revealed that she may have feelings for Guy Cecil, but this may all be in jest as well.

Noir was born in Malkuth on the Island of Feres, the sister island of Hod, which was destroyed by the tidal wave from Hod's destruction. A passing ship picked her up, along with York and Urushi. After losing their homes and family, the trio did everything to stay alive. They were able to discover that what happened to their home was predicted in Yulia Jue's Score, but was part of the Closed Score, meaning the information was not public. Knowing that everyone could have been saved, Noir became depressed. As time passed, the trio began picking up orphans, and before long, had become a family of 459. Knowing that as thieves, they could not live out in the open, so they built Nam Cobanda Isle, a circus-like city hidden in northwestern Radessia.

Appearance and Personality

Noir is a seductive scantily-clad woman with a thin frame and rather seductive pose. She has dark pink and wears a magenta-draped outfit over a dark-colored undersuit, which complements her hat, gloves, and boots. She wears a small bag around her waist and carries a compact mirror, which she persistently fiddles with in the game. Noir appears calm and collected in front of the group but occasionally irritated by Anise Tatlin's jabs that often refer to her as an "old lady".