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Noishe (ToS).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Age 4,000+
Race Protozoan
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Touma
English Voice Actor Debi Derryberry (ToS)

Noishe (ノイシュ Noishu?) is a character in Tales of Symphonia and Lloyd Irving's pet. Attributed as a dog, he is actually a unique species known as "Protozoan" (プロトゾーン Purotozoun?) that evolves into different forms over the span of thousands of years.


Noishe is first introduced in the story as Lloyd's pet, a unique, green and white animal that greatly resembles and behaves like a very large dog. He is gentle and friendly, but also terrified of monsters. This fear stems from the incident when Lloyd was three-years-old, where Kvar attacked Kratos and Anna during their attempt to escape Cruxis and the Desians. When Anna turned into a monster after her Exsphere was removed, she tried to attack Lloyd, but Noishe was holding Lloyd while Kratos Aurion attempted to defend them both. Anna momentarily regained control of herself, but Kratos was unable to kill her until she threw both Lloyd and Noishe off a cliff. Both of them were taken in and cared for by the Dirk, a dwarf.

Despite Noishe's unusual appearance, Lloyd insists, often comically, that he is just an ordinary dog. However, it is revealed that Noishe is actually much older than Lloyd, and was originally befriended by Kratos over 4,000 years ago. It is implied that he joined the party of Mithos, Kratos, Yuan Ka-Fai, and Martel on their original journey to stop the Kharlan War. Although Noishe apparently accompanied Mithos's party, it is revealed in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World that Tenebrae met them before Martel was killed, Tenebrae seems to have no knowledge of Noishe other than that Dirk and Lloyd take care of him.

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Noishe's true origins are revealed both by children in the elven village Heimdall and by Mithos himself. He is a Protozoan, the first race to be born in the world, being created "when the power of the Giant Kharlan Tree united with the land itself", referring to when the Giant Kharlan Tree and the Summon Spirits were transplanted to that world from the comet-world of Derris-Kharlan. A creature guided by mana, he will change form for his entire life. His first form is the fish-like "Aquan", the second a bird-like creature named "Aeros", and the third form is the dog-like "Arshis". The fourth form, "Fenrilra", is unknown, and his final form is of a human who fights evil. Kratos has seen one of Noishe's evolutions, presumably from an Aeros to an Arshis. Speaking privately to Noishe, he expresses regret that he cannot be there for his next evolution, and requests that Noishe protect Lloyd.

Other Appearances

Sprite in Tales of the World: Tactics Union.

Tales of the Rays

Noishe appears as one of Mithos's exoflected companions. Although his appearances are brief, it is revealed that one of his Protozoan powers is to summon people in the form of mental time travel through their dreams. He uses this on Mithos to show him a future encounter with Lloyd, who offers him a chance to atone for his actions. The two then have a clash of ideals, with Lloyd emerging as the victor. Accepting his loss, Mithos decides to trust in Lloyd and returns to Noishe, who sends the half-elf back to the present with the comfortable feeling that working with his teacher's son may not be as bad as he thought.