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Nolzen (ToR).png
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Eastern Continent

Nolzen, the Silver Countryside (白銀郷ノルゼン Hakugingou Noruzen?) is a snowy city located on the northwestern part of Calegia's eastern continent in Tales of Rebirth.


Nolzen is a beautiful city blanketed in snow familiar to the region. Nestled within the mountains of the region, Nolzen sits on the banks of the nearby ocean and has its own port within the city. Nolzen's location and convenient port make it the most ideal place to reach the Beo Plains that lie just south of the city, as well the mysterious tower in the area. Nolzen is also the closest settlement to the Tower of Nereg that sits on the Nejana Peninsula and its nearby hostel.


The group first travels to Nolzen in search of the "Garden of Illusion" resting in the clouds. Knowing the location must be a high location, they are convinced by a man in Nolzen that the Tower of Nereg must be what they have been searching for. However, this lead proves to be nothing more than a distraction by Saleh of the Four Stars. Upon returning to the city, the group encounters Misha assisting Doctor Curia, who has been requested at the behest of the Calegian army. Misha leaves in a rush, but not before informing the group that Curia has opened a temporary clinic at the local inn. The groups reunites with Curia inside the inn and briefs her of their quest concerning the Sacred Beasts. Although she finds the story difficult to believe, she agrees to convince the army to lend the group a boat so they can reach the Beo Plains secluded just south of the city.

After waiting a while, the group becomes concerned and goes in search of Curia, whom they find north in the city tending to a group of soldiers who were attacked by Viruses. Curia asks the group for assistance in the matter, informing Annie Barrs that she must help her due to the lack of doctors in the city. Annie is hesitant because the soldiers are Gajuma, but Curia reminds her that the treatment for Huma and Gajuma is the same, as well as that all of the soldiers are people not defined by race. After all the patients are treated, Curia talks with the group in the middle of town, praising Annie for her change of heart. Curia then informs them that their boat is ready, and the group departs.