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Game models of Normin from Tales of Zestiria.

Normin (ノルミン Norumin?), full name the Normin Seraphim (ノルミン天族 Norumin Tenzoku?, "Normin Heavenly Tribe"), are a special type of seraphim/malakhim. Though not as powerful as the seraphim who are able to become Lords of the Land, they have the capability of boosting another seraph's power. Edna, though she hides it beneath her normal sarcastic demeanor, is a fan of them, with one on her umbrella, and she browbeats Lailah into appreciating them as well.


Tales of Zestiria

In Zestiria, Sorey's group meets its first normin at the Dumnonia Museum, where the normin Atakk has turned into the hellion Knight Arthur. After quelling him and returning him to his original form, Atakk reveals that he became a hellion when wartime started and nationalistic humans began both trashing art from other countries and moving it on the black market. Atakk is a lover of art, and seeing the desecration of his beloved collection infected him with malevolence. After sharing his story, he asks to be left alone. Eventually, however, the group needs to somehow quell the Drake hellion flying beyond reach. Atakk offers his help at this point, and Mikleo realizes that by combining his armatus's arrows with Atakk's power, they can bring the Drake to earth. The gambit is successful, allowing them to quell the Drake and returning the seraph Rohan to his original form. Rohan agrees to become the Lord of the Land, while Atakk serves him.

Afterward, Atakk reveals that forty-nine of them used to travel with Lailah and still hold affection for her. They begged her to allow them to become her Sub Lords, but she refused, and so they scattered across the world in melancholy. Edna tells the group that they should catch them all for their useful abilities, and Sorey agrees. During a skit, Sorey questions why the normin's powers are not in such high demand when they are so useful. Lailah reveals that their sort-of leader rose up against the abuse and demanded independence. The other normin, however, simply asked for breaks, which they got. The leaderish normin instead battled and eventually lost to a seraph, vanishing from the pages of history.

When the group has gathered the forty-nine normin, the secret fiftieth normin challenges the group at Igraine. There, he reveals himself as Phoenix, the strongest of the normin. He disguised himself as the mascot on Edna's umbrella, though both she and the other normin realized he was there and only pretended not to see him for his ego. Phoenix challenges the group to battle, proving a formidable foe. Once defeated, Phoenix agrees to leave Edna in Sorey's care. The group deduces that, as the mascot was given to Edna by her brother Eizen, Phoenix was meant to protect her from all threats, including Eizen himself. Phoenix then tries to start the normin rebellion anew once more, but the other normin are quick to shut him down. At the prompting of the others, Phoenix agrees to help the group, never letting go of his ambition to create a land where the normin can be free.

Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria introduces two new Normin, Bienfu and Grimoirh. It is explained that a Normin's Normin Name is a title based on their specific affinities and talents, while names like "Bienfu" and "Grimoirh" are more akin to stage names. They can activate a geoboard simply by speaking their normin name near one. Bienfu and Grimoirh's normin names are "Breyve" and "Theruhpist" respectively.


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Normin can be found in various locations. When spoken to, they will bless a piece of equipment with their skill, adding it to an empty slot, and then serve the Lords of the Land. If assigned to one, they increase the difficulty of enemies in the region for which the Lord has their blessing. In exchange, they also make it more likely that those enemies will drop equipment with their associated skill.