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Nova (ToCE)
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Trigleph
Age 20
Race Human
Occupation Verland Bank Employee
Japanese Voice Actor Satomi Satou
English Voice Actor Cristina Vee[1]

Nova (ノヴァ Nova?) is a non-playable character in Tales of Xillia 2. She was a classmate of Ludger Will Kresnik and acts as his broker during the time he is repaying his debt. She is the younger twin of Vera.


Three years prior to the game's events, Ludger and Nova were in the same class, and Ludger had developed a crush on her. When he confessed about his feelings to her, Nova failed to reciprocate these feelings, and Ludger briefly escaped home due to his delicate personality.

During the game's story, Nova's first appearance is in a fractured version of Stribog Line, where she first protects her boss, President Verland, from an attack from an Exodus agent. Later, in the same fractured dimension, she is seen being killed, along with her boss, by the catalyst version of Julius Will Kresnik. Later, when Ludger and Rideaux Zek Rugievit discuss about the large payment of his health care, Nova appears surprised with the fact that Ludger is her client who will be applying for the loan to cover the payment. Afterward, she becomes Ludger's collection agent.

Nova calls Ludger whenever his current Gald reaches a certain threshold, reminding him that a loan payment is due. She remains cheerful and upbeat during their interactions, believing that a happy attitude even in the face of overwhelming debt is healthy. As he reaches certain milestones, Nova will slowly lift Ludger's travel restrictions; she will also sometimes do this in response to performing favors for her, like helping with a difficult client.

Nova also attempts to get their old classmates together for a party, unaware of how no one wishes to associate with Ludger now that he is known to be in debt repayment. She remains almost entirely ignorant of Ludger's role in eliminated fractured dimensions and his world-saving actions, so when she calls him, cheerfully, right after the fractured Milla's death, Ludger can snap at her, leaving Nova filled with self-loathing and their future actions strained. When Ludger is made Vice President of Spirius Corporation, Nova calls with the happy news that calls for repayment will temporarily cease. She continues, however, to handle his finances and takes his payments.

Appearance and Personality[]

Nova has short black hair with hints of white on her fringe and purple-blue eyes. She wears a bonnet that is pink at its base that fades into cream at the top, has black line around the base, and a pin resembling Teepo on it above her left eye. She wears a black corset with long sleeves with a pink line at each side of her chest; it is complimented with a bright pink short jacket and dark pink ribbon tied on her neck. Nova also wears short pink skirt, brown tights, and black shoes.

Nova is a young, energetic woman with a positive outlook on life. After Ludger snaps out her when she calls him after the fractured Milla's death, Nova is shaken and loses her lively performance, which she previously demonstrated whenever she called Ludger to collect payments for his debt. After Elle Mel Marta leaves the party, Nova's attitude brightens, and she returns to her upbeat behavior. Nova is also a chatterbox and can sometimes reveal sensitive information about her sister, even if by accident, for which she is nagged as a result.


  • Nova's model appears as a "Transformation" type costume that can be acquired in the Illusionary Darkness by buying it from the dungeon's Vendor for 40 Ancient Bells. Her Vendor name is "Verland Bank Debt Collector".
  • Vera reveals that when Nova was a college student, she fell in love with the older brother of one of her classmates: "In a fleeting moment of courage, she bought him a present and went to his apartment to confess her love for him. However, the target of her affection was not home. Flustered, Nova gave the gift to his younger brother who had answered the door, and fled without saving a word. As a result, the younger brother, for whom Nova had no feelings whatsoever, was left with the mistaken conviction that she had confessed her love to him." Ludger's reaction to this story could suggest that he and Julius are the brothers being referred to.


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