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Nova's Caravan
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant

Nova's Caravan is a wandering caravan belonging to a family of storytellers who roam the world of Sylvarant studying different types of species.


The caravan itself serves as shelter for the family of four, who seem to live nomadically. The father of the family, Nova, is a zoologist who travels the world to discover new types of animal species, accompanied by his wife, Sarah, and their two children: a son named Alduin and a daughter named May. The caravan in which they travel is pulled by two wingless dragons. During the story, the protagonists visit the caravan while in search of Aska, the winged Summon Spirit of Light. Alduin and May claim to have seen a large, luminous bird fly through the sky when the wind blows the nuts of a tree, producing a beautiful melody. This happened near the Ossa Trail. The group takes this clue and departs, searching for the Linkite Tree while promising Nova, who would love to see the legendary bird, to show him Aska once they have formed a pact with it.