Game Tales of the Rays
Hometown Bifrost
Residences Hy’Brasail
Age 21
Height 180 cm
Weight 69 kg
Race Human (Living Doll)
Occupation •General of the Asgardian Army
Japanese Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae

Nuadha (ナーザ Naaza?) is an antagonist in Tales of the Rays, and Mercuria's brother.


Nuadha was born as a prince into the Bifrost Kingdom as Woden Rot Nibelung (ウォーデン・ロート・ニーベルング Uooden Rooto Niiberungu?), alongside his little sister Mercuria and mother Elda. He heard from Yalanda's prophecy that mirrites would bring about the ruin of the world, so he played a part in the raid against Sellund's mirrists, who had continued exoflecting them. After Ix Nieves was killed, he died alongside the rest of the nation when Gefion and Phillip Reston completed the Kaleidoscope.

Mirrage Prison

In the story, Nuadha appears in the body of the first Ix, as part of the Living Doll Project. This brings much confusion to the protagonists, as they struggle to figure out his true identity. He tries to hinder them from saving Ix, as doing so would result in his disappearance, the failure of Mercuria and Demitrius' plans, and he labels him to be "the man who will destroy the final world." Nuadha fails, however, and ends up dying in the finale, much to Mercuria's grief.

Appearance and Personality

While it is never seen what he looked like as Woden, as Nuadha, he wears a black outfit accented with red, with a red cloth draped over his shoulders. He has a black belt, a metal arm, and keeps his hair tied up.

Nuadha is very straight-forward in his ideals and is not afraid to speak his mind. He's kind to his subordinates and beloved by Mercuria, and he expressed his condolences to Presea Combatir when he learned her sister had passed away. He bears a deep hatred against the mirrists of Sellund, both for continuing to exoflect mirrites and for bringing about the fall of his nation. He is also shown to be very wise, and spent a good amount of time before his death telling Mileena Weiss to heed his warning and to take Yalanda's prophecy more seriously.

Fighting Style

In the opening to Mirrage Prison as well as in Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny, Nuadha fights with his arm and a dagger. However, in battle, he fights exactly the same way Ix does, albeit with less artes.


  • Nuadha is a reference to the Irish king of the same name, Nuada Airgetlám. He lost his arm in a war and later had it replaced with a metal one, just as the original Ix lost his and was later replaced when Nuadha became a Living Doll. In-universe, Mileena states that "Nuadha" is the name of the god of the sea.
  • Woden is the name of a god in Norse mythology. Nibelung refers to a clan of people in Germanic legend, usually associated with kingdoms.

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