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Nurse as it appears in Tales of Phantasia (iOS).

Nurse (ナース Naasu?) is a healing spell that usually targets the entire party, regardless of each party member's position on the battlefield.

Arte Description and History

When this spell is used, the animation generally includes medic angels or actual nurses that fly or run through the stage; at the end of the lengthy animation, the entire party is healed simultaneously. This spell is generally useful, as it heals all party members regardless of their positions, though it takes some seconds after its activation before anyone is healed. Some versions of the animation involve the nurses opening or tossing medical kits over each party member, delaying the actual healing effect.

In the original Super Famicom version of Tales of Phantasia, it is possible for one or more of the party members to be unaffected by the healing. The number of nurses that appear is limited to the number of living allies who are visible in the part of the battlefield that the camera is focused on at the time the spell is cast so that one nurse will always heal the spellcaster, but additional nurses may not be spawned to heal other allies unless they are close to them. This inefficiency is removed in later releases of Tales of Phantasia and all other titles, allowing the spell to affect all party members, even if they are off-screen.

In Tales of Eternia, casting Nurse opens large hospital doors on the left side of the field to allow the nurses to come running onto the field and heal the party. The long delay between the spell's activation and its healing effect is actually advantageous in this game due to the limitations of having a single-spell animation in progress at a given time, such that all other spells are queued until the animation of the current one ends, even if the full spellcasting duration has been achieved. This allows Nurse to be used as a means of preventing enemy spells from being activated while providing time for allies to attack an enemy that is frozen in its spellcasting stance.

In Tales of Symphonia, Raine Sage obtains this spell if she is focused on the "Technical" branch of arte progression after having mastered First Aid. Repeating usage of this spell will eventually cause Raine to learn Healing Circle. Because of its ability to heal all party members for a moderate amount of HP, it is useful in situations where the whole party has been injured and is spread too far to be healed by area-based spells. However, its "Strike" counterpart, Heal, is capable of healing considerably more HP to a single ally.

In Tales of Vesperia, the spell can be altered into Nightingale when the skill "Crucible" is equipped on Estelle.


Nurse as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles


Fan-Translated Names

Nurse as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Phantasia (SFC)

Japanese Description: 法術の一つ。味方全員のHPを回復させる
Romanized Description: Houjutsu no hitotsu. Mikata zen'in no HP wo kaifuku saseru
Translated Description (DeJap Translations): "Summons angels to heal the party."[1]

Tales of Phantasia (PSX)

Translated Description (Absolute Zero): "Restore some HP to all allies."

Tales of Eternia

Localized Description: "Restores all ally HP."[2]

Tales of Phantasia (GBA)

Japanese Description: 味方全員のHPを回復させる
Romanized Description: Mikata zen'in no HP wo kaifuku saseru
Localized Description: "Heal all allies' HP."[3]

Tales of Symphonia

Localized Description: "Healing (mid): heal all party members."[4]

Localized Quote: "Help is on the way... Nurse!"

Tales of Vesperia

Localized Description: "Intermediate Spell: Summon an angel to restore a medium amount of HP to all allies."

Normal Spellcasting Time:
Localized Quote: "O brilliant angels, grant us your favor... Nurse!"

Shortened Spellcasting Time:
Localized Quote: "Light! Nurse!"

Tales of Graces

Localized Description: "A healing arte that recovers around 44% of the HP of all allies."

Localized Quote: "Oh strands of love, give name to the brilliance that offers its nurturing hand. Nurse!"
Alternate Quote: "All shall bask in warmth. Nurse!"

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Localized Description: "Magic: Restore a medium amount of HP to all allies."[5]

Tales of Xillia

Localized Description: "An angel in nurse scrubs comes forth to refill 50% of all allies' HP. It heals more HP when Teepo is ON."

Teepo ON:
Japanese Quote: 白き精霊舞い、祝福の羽踊る!ナース!
Romanized Quote: Shiroki seirei mai, shukufuku no hane odoru! Naasu!
Localized Quote: "Spirits flutter and grant us fortune. Nurse!"

Teepo OFF:

Japanese Quote:

Elize: 白き精霊舞い
Teepo: まとめて癒すよ!
Both: ナース!

Romanized Quote:

Elize: Shiroki seirei mai
Teepo: Matomete iyasu yo!
Both: Naasu!

Localized Quote:

Elize: "Spirits flutter."
Teepo: "Group heal!"
Both: "Nurse!"

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 味方全員のHPを中回復する回復術

User: Mint Adenade, Cheria Barnes
Localized Description: "A recovery arte that heals some HP for all allies."