Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Hemisphere

The Oasis (オアシス Oashisu?) is a dungeon hidden within the northeastern part of the Kurodadaku Desert in Tales of Rebirth.


The group ventures here from the nearby town of Anikamal after learning from the adventurer Frantz that Annie Barrs's illness seems to be the lethal "Death Garo Fever". Seeing as how the group passed through Karez, the diagnosis seems logical to them, and Frantz informs them that there is an illusionary Virus, one of the Seven Great Illusions, known as the "Live Garo", whose horn can be grounded into a power that cures any illness.

It is believed that the people who brought the disease to Anikamal went in search of the horn but never returned, leaving the people of Anikamal to believe that the people of Karez brought them the disease and then left them to die. The group resolves to explore the nearby Oasis and find the Live Garo, having Frantz watch over Annie at the entrance to the dungeon while they look. The group manages to find the horn, and Frantz is able to concoct the medicine back at Anikamal's inn after persuading the villagers.