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Oberon Corporation
Oberon Executives (ToD PSX).png
Game Tales of Destiny
Leader Hugo Gilchrist
Notable Members Baruk Songram
Ilene Rembrandt
Shane Rembrandt
Headquarters Libra IV

Oberon Corporation (オベロン社 Oberon-sha?, "Oberon, Inc.") is a global manufacturing company in Tales of Destiny. Headquartered in Seinegald's capital of Darilsheid, the corporation began around 20 years prior to the events of the story and now operates worldwide, with branches in Calvalese and Fitzgald. In the game's sequel, Tales of Destiny 2, which takes place 18 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, the once-massive company ceases to exist.



With annual sales that match the entire budget of Seinegald, Oberon's influence in the world is widespread, producing Lens products with their advanced processing technology. The president of the company, Hugo Gilchrist, is a powerful man with close ties to the King of Seinegald. The Lens products manufactured by the corporation vary from everyday materials to combat items, such as weapons, nutrition drinks, and consumer electronics. In order to meet such a large demand of supplies, Oberon purchases Lens all over the world, with the company's branches performing the Lens purchases in those particular regions. In addition, Oberon collects Lens through the excavation of ruins and defeating monsters.

Role in the Plot

Stahn Aileron and his companions first meet Hugo in Darilsheid Castle, where they are being interrogated for their crimes of stealing Swordians from the kingdom. However, seeing as how the Eye of Atamoni is revealed to be possibly in danger, Hugo manages to convince the King to enlist Stahn's group since they are able to make use of the Swordians. The King agrees, and the group embarks on a mission to retrieve the Eye of Atamoni. They also meet Shane Rembrandt, an Oberon executive, in Hugo's mansion. In pursuit of Lydon Bernhardt, who is later revealed to have stolen the Eye of Atamoni, the group visits Cherik and meets with Baruk Songram, the Calvalese region's Oberon branch manager, who provides the group with some obscure information about the Aeth'er Wars.

In regard to the group's search, Baruk informs them that a large ship arrived at the port recently, convincing the group that Lydon has made his way into the desert country. Later in the story, when the group visits Neuestadt, again on Lydon's trail, they meet with Ilene Rembrandt, the Fitzgald region's Oberon branch manager, who assists the group in seizing Batista Diego after it is revealed that he is working in tandem with Lydon. Although Oberon stands reputable during the first half of the game's plot, once the Eye of Atamoni has been retrieved from Lydon and stolen again, the corporation's involvement with the events comes to light.

Hugo and all other Oberon executives disappear, prompting the group to infiltrate Oberon's secret factory, Libra IV, where Hugo's involvement in the scheme, as well as his manipulation of Leon Magnus, is revealed. After Leon's canonical death, Hugo uses the Eye of Atamoni to revive the Aetherian fortress of Dycroft and begin forming the Aethersphere. As the group infiltrates the aeropolis cities of the long-forgotten land, they are forced to fight and kill Baruk, Ilene, and Rembrandt in separate landmarks of the Aethersphere before confronting Hugo himself, at which point they realize that his mind has been corrupted by Kronos through the Swordian Berselius. After Hugo's defeat and the events of the game, Oberon Corporation ceases to exist.


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  • Hugo Gilchrist (ヒューゴ・ジルクリスト Hyuugo Jirukurisuto?) - The president and CEO of the company, who manages Oberon's headquarters in Darilsheid of the Seinegald region.
  • Baruk Songram (バルック・ソングラム Barukku Songuramu?) - Executive branch manager of the Calvalese region, whose headquarters are located in Cherik. He is later appointed the guardian of the Cloudius control center.
  • Ilene Rembrandt (イレーヌ・レンブラント Ireenu Renburanto?, "Irene Rembrandt") - Executive branch manager of the Fitzgald region, whose headquarters are located in Neuestadt. She is later appointed the guardian of the Helraios research facility.
  • Shane Rembrandt (シャイン・レンブラント Shain Renburanto?, "Shine Rembrandt") - An Oberon executive who is also Ilene's father. He serves a relatively minor role in the story until he is appointed the guardian of the Mikheil military base.


  • Oberon is a king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature.