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Okiyo Fujibayashi
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Ninja Village
Race Human

Okiyo Fujibayashi (藤林 おきよ Fujibayashi Okiyo?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Phantasia. She is the mother of Suzu Fujibayashi and wife of Dozo Fujibayashi.


When the group first arrives in the Ninja Village, they meet with Ranzo Fujibayashi, the chief of the village, who requests they find Suzu's parents. Cress Albane eventually meets both Okiyo and Dozo at the end of Euclid's tournament and fights them. If Cress loses the fight, Suzu appears in a burst of leaves and defends him while convincing her parents to stop. When they do not, Suzu uses the Alter Ego Technique (分身之術 Bunshin no Jutsu?) to split into four copies. Okiyo and Dozo attack where they believe Suzu is but only succeed in killing each other, with a little aid of an explosion of Suzu's making.

With their last breaths, they forgive her and say they are proud of her, and Suzu leaves to steel her heart. If Cress manages to defeat them, Suzu still appears, but the ninja Cress defeats are revealed to be copies. Suzu's attempts to convince them to stop cause her parents to fight their possession long enough that they commit suicide in order to atone for their sins. Cress tries to comfort Suzu, but she teleports away to be alone. When the group returns to the Ninja Village, Suzu joins them on their quest.