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Orbus Calaglia
Game Tales of Arise
World Dahna
Capital Glanymede Castle
Ruler Balseph

Orbus Calaglia, the Land of Brimstone and Swirling Ash (劫火と灰渦巻く国 オルブス・カラグリア?), "Calaglia" for short, is one of the Five Realms of Dahna in Tales of Arise. It is a scorching realm in fire astral energy and ruled by Lord Balseph. Longing to liberate their people, the Dahnan resistance, including the Crimson Crows, fights relentlessly against Balseph's forces.

When Lord Balseph is overthrown, Calaglia's inhabitants get a taste of freedom. The Dahnan resistance groups step up to fill the void in government, lending aid and direction to the liberated Dahnans.

Known Locations

  • Glanymede Castle (グラニード城?) - Stronghold of Lord Balseph, despotic ruler of Calaglia. Its rugged appearance, at odds with typical Renan elegance, is said to reflect its owner's brutish nature.
  • Kyrd Garrison (キルド駐屯地?) - A stationing post for Renan armored soldiers and their zeugles. A freight train runs through the area, delivering ore mined in Mosgul and elsewhere.
  • Mosgul (モスガル?) - Calaglia's largest mine is known for the quality of its ore. Day after day, countless slaves toil here under brutal conditions in order to produce fire astral energy, many of them dying in the process.
  • Ulzebek (ウルベゼク?) - One of several living quarters for slaves. Most eke out a living working in the fields. Thanks to the infrequency of Renan patrols, the area is used as a resistance organization meeting point.
  • Zionne Mine Tunnels (ジオーネ廃坑道?) - A tunnel system after it was mined clean of its resources. No one ventures down there anymore, though rumor has it a resistance organization uses the area as its base of operations.
  • Cave of Solitude (枯寂の海岸洞?) - A tranquil cave system that leads from Calaglia to the open ocean. Rarely traversed by Rena let alone their Dahnan prisoners, it is a forgotten place filled only with the echoes of breaking waves.
  • Lacerda Cliffs (ラゼルダ断崖?) - A rocky region beyond the Gates of Fire that must be crossed to reach other realms. Below the cliffs spreads a vast ocean, never glimpsed by the slaves trapped within the walls.
  • Sandinus Ravine (サンディネス渓谷?) - A steep ravine running between the Zionne Tunnel system and Ulzebek. Exposed ore deposits burn unchecked, while roaming stray zeugles make safe passage tricky.
  • Iglia Wastes (イグーリア荒地?) - A wasteland between Ulzebek and the Fagan Ruins. Traces of a village remain, though when it was built or why it was abandoned, nobody knows.
  • Fagan Ruins (ファガン遺跡?) - A Renan-built supply base. Though long since abandoned, the base itself is apparently still functional. Its doors only open to fellow Rena.
  • Trench of Flames (劫火の塹壕?) - A trench of fire surrounding Lord Balseph's castle. The only way across it and into other realms is via opposing the Gates of Fire, though they're rarely opened.
  • Gates of Fire (炎の門?) - The sole point of entry in the wall separating Calaglia from Dagba's other realms. A huge and imposing presence symbolic of Balseph's tyranny, that feels as if it's keeping watch on any it looms over.
  • Ulvhan Grotto (ウルヴァン岩窟?) - A mountainous cave system connecting Calaglia to Cyslodia. It is said to have been created by the Dahna before the Renan invasion. Wall paintings and pillars offer tantalizing glimpes of past civilizations.
  • Berg Volcano (ベルク火山?) - A volcanic cave that splinters off from the Zione Tunnel system. A fallen meteor is said to lie deep within its recesses, though zeugels and molten lava have stopped any from reaching it themselves.


  • When introduced, the land's nickname is "Land of Brimstone and Swirling Ash". In the in-game glossary, it reads "In the ancient tongue, its name means "land of fire and swirling ashes"".