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The Order of Atamoni (アタモニ神団 Atamoni Shindan?), also known as the Church of Atamoni, is a religious organization in Tales of Destiny 2 that rose to prominence following the devastating events that ravaged the world in Tales of Destiny, which takes place 18 years prior. It is spearheaded by the "Holy Woman" Elrane, who performs "miracles" through the use of Lens and prophesies the doctrines of the goddess Fortuna.


The Order of Atamoni operates from Aigrette, seat of the world's sole remaining Straylize Temple, with Philia Felice serving as High Priestess of the religious shrine and Elrane conducting relations on a more social and political level on behalf of the organization. The Order was ultimately born from the population's despair following the catastrophe of the previous installment, which destroyed the capital Seinegald and paved the way for Aigrette to replace it and become the centerfold of the world. With Elrane's "miracle" performances enacted before the public, society has been engineered to rely on the Order for hope.

The Order's influence, even in spite of its prominence in the present timeline of the game's story, becomes even more dominant through Elrane's tampering of history, future timelines depicting it controlling nearly every aspect of society. Although Elrane's motives eventually prove to be twisted, the Order is rooted in good intention, with even Loni Dunamis joining as a soldier to help better the world and aid those in need. On the other hand, Fortuna creates Elrane with the sole prominent task of making the world happy, which inevitably distorts Elrane's vision and leads to her creation of a world the sacrifices the human condition to force ignorant bliss.

Through dialogue, Loni reveals that the Order existed prior to Elrane's joining, stating that it was her actions that truly changed the Order's direction. To perform her miracles for the public, she uses the organization to gather Lens around the world and channels their power to heal people of sickness and disease, making her a prophet among the masses as she preaches that Lens are the blessing of the goddess Fortuna. It is unknown if the comet that brought both Lens and Fortuna to the Er'ther Lands was Fortuna's doing or not, but Elrane paints it this way for the sake of building the necessary support for her ultimate plan.


  • Elrane - The Holy Woman of the Order of Atamoni, Elrane is worshiped as a living manifestation of the goddess Fortuna. She takes joy in granting happiness to people and is able to create miracles at will by drawing power from Lens in a fashion similar to Reala. For this reason, people flock to her with offerings of Lens in order to receive her blessing.
  • Philia Felice - The High Priestess of Straylize Temple, Philia's connection to the Order of Atamoni is one more of affiliation rather than direct involvement.
  • Loni Dunamis - Loni was raised in the Dunamis Orphanage of Cresta but left to join the Order of Atamoni as a soldier. Due to his strong sense of justice, he sees the Order as a beacon for the people.
  • Sabnock - One of Elrane's three generals.
  • Dantalion - One of Elrane's three generals.
  • Gaap - One of Elrane's three generals.


  • The name "Atamoni" is derived from Mutsumi Inomata, the main character designer of Tales of Destiny. It is "Inomata" written in reverse.