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The Orosoren (モフモフ族 Mofumofu-zoku?, "Mofu Mofu Tribe") are a race of intelligent humanoids who befriend Jay in Tales of Legendia. The Orosoren are mammal-like animals that look similar to otters and each have their own unique outfits. They are able to speak human language, and like otters, they like to eat scallops. The Oresoren live in a cave called the Oresoren Village during the story. They used to live in cave next to Werites Beacon in the former Oresoren Village before the story began, but they were run out of their by the "Long-Long Demon". A majority of the time, the only Oresoren seen in the story are Jay's roommates: Quppo, Pippo, and Poppo.


  • The Oresoren's Japanese name derives from "mofumofu" (もふもふ?), which describes something that is fluffy.
  • In the original Japanese version of the game, the Oresoren end all their sentences with "-kyu" (キュ?), which was changed to "ors" for the English version of the game.