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Oresoren Village
Oresoren Village (ToL) 1.jpg
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

Oresoren Village (モフモフ族の村 Mofumofu-zoku no Mura?, "Mohumov Village") is a village in Tales of Legendia, located in the middle of Raging Bay. As its name implies, it is home to the Oresoren, otter-like creatures who live onboard the Legacy.


The village resides on an island inside a cavern. There are several shops selling weapons, armor, tools, and food, as well as a local inn. The upper levels of the village contain many small houses in which the Oresoren live, and the home of the Oresoren brothers, Pippo, Poppo, and Quppo, is at the top of the cave where Jay has also taken residence. After the Bridge is raised, the only way into the village is through a back entrance on the east side of the Legacy.


Main Quest

Senel Coolidge, Norma Beatty, Harriet Campbell, and Poppo emerge from the The Crags and find a raft on a nearby dock. Poppo explains that the boat is used to cross the lake to his village. Senel notices Norma staring at a large island in the distance, but Poppo states that it is not the island to where they are going. After the group crosses the bay, Poppo tells them that the village is just ahead inside a cave. Will Raynard and Chloe Valens wonder if this is the spot that "Jay the Unseen" is said to reveal himself. The mysterious boy then begins chuckling and claims the two are too trusting. The two are then surrounded by a hoard of Oresoren. The rest of the group arrives, surprised at the number of Oresoren there are.

After the group explains how they know Pippo, Poppo, and Quppo, Jay thanks them for looking after them. Pippo offers to take the group to the village, and Jay offers to guide them. Harriet runs ahead with Poppo, and Jay tells Will not to worry. When Will asks the boy who he really is, he reveals his identity. As soon as the group enters the village, they are surprised to learn that Harriet is actually Will's daughter. Harriet explains that she took her mother's last name instead of Will's and goes on to explain how Will never came to her mother's funeral, although Will explains that he was exiled from the Mainland. Harriet runs off, but Will refuses to pursue her, acknowledging his past actions. Pippo and Quppo instruct the group to meet at their house in the back of the village later so they can talk more.

After the group arrives at the house, Jay begins discussing the information that Will requested. He explains that Vaclav Bolud's forces are escorting Shirley Fennes by an army detachment and are planning to regroup with the main force at the Ruins of Frozen Light. Norma explains that the Ruins of Frozen Light is famous among treasure hunters for being some of the most difficult ruins to infiltrate and that no one has ever ventured to the ruins' deepest parts. Jay explains that there are seals not only on the outside, but inside as well. He deduces that they are to protect some great secret hidden on the Legacy.

After some pondering, Jay deduces that Vaclav will use Shirley's power to uncover this secret, as well as that it is connected to the current war between the Crusand Empire and the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria. He explains that Vaclav may have obtained information about the ruins and that this secret may actually be a weapon capable of turning the tide in a war. After some convincing from the Oresoren brothers, Jay devises a plan to rescue Shirley from Vaclav's detachment escort. He suggests using the Waterways as an ambush point for the operation and requests that the group meet him there at the entrance. As the group leaves, Will thanks Senel for looking after Harriet and that he will overlook his stunt he pulled on the mountain path. Pippo tells Will that he will escort Harriet back to the city. Will announces that once the group is ready, they will make their way to the Waterways.

Character Quests

Official artwork of Oresoren Village.

During Jay's quest, the group comes here after encountering Solon. After they notice Jay acting strangely, the group goes to the Oresoren brother's house to check on him. The brothers ask the group about what happened to Jay, and Will explains to them the events that took place in the Secret Passage. The brothers then inform the group the full story concerning Jay and Solon's past. Prior to the events of the stor, Jay's parents abandoned him as a baby, and Solon decided to raise him as an assassin. After a failed assassination mission, Solon brought several men with him to the Legacy, but they were ambushed by a large force anticipating their arrival.

After finding himself on the losing side of the battle, Solon used Jay as a decoy and escaped. Jay was found by the brothers, injured and collapsed outside their home, and they decided to take him in. As time passed, Jay eventually became more cheerful and emotional, but when he encountered Solon again, his expression darkened. Will believes that Jay's meeting with Solon resurfaced bad memories for Jay, and the brothers tell the group that Jay is frightened of the fact that Solon may come back into his life, as well as that they wish to protect Jay from this. The group also wishes to help end Jay's curse, and they decide to return to Werites Beacon for the time being.

Outside, the group worries about Jay's current state and decide to help erase his fears for good. Back in the house, Jay remains deep in thought over his old memories. In the past, Solon took away a small bell from him and claimed he would keep it until Jay's skills matured. As Jay ponders if he is still merely an instrument of death, a black mist suddenly appears, and a mysterious figure attempts to feed Jay his doubts. As Solon's threats appear in the forefront of his mind, Jay finds himself conflicted about what to do. After escaping the trap at the Ruins of Frozen Light, the group finds the entire village oddly quiet. After searching the village and finding no one, Norma informs the group of a letter that was left in the Oresoren brothers' home.

The group rushes to the house and find the letter, which explains that Jay was threatened by Solon and that the Oresoren brothers have left to rescue Jay and Shirley. It goes on to say that they want the group to forgive Jay for his actions. Will deduces that the brothers discovered things on their own since Jay did not tell them anything. The group plans to rescue Jay and Shirley as well, so Will and Moses Sandor return to Werites Beacon to gather information. Moses rushes into the brothers' house and informs Senel that Jay and Shirley are at the village entrance. After waking Norma, the three make their way there, where Shirley informed Chloe that she and Jay escaped from Mirage Palace. Jay then states how he wants to protect the Oresoren, his family, but that he does not have the strength to do it alone. After asking for the group's help, they all prepare to travel to Mirage Palace to defeat Solon and rescue the Oresoren.